Not guilty on cultivation... hung jury on possession with intent to sell

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  1. Hello,
    In 2008 my ex-husband and his girlfriend were arrested in CA with 242lbs of pot, 56 plants, 3 loaded weapons, cash counting machine, and 2 processing machines. The news reported it being 6.1 million worth and police reported it was the most sophisticated operation they had ever seen.

    My ex was part of a collective and for medical use. This has been an going on since 2008 and he just finally went through jury trial and was found not guilty on cultivation, but the jury was hung on possession with intent to sell. According to the news reports I read there were a total of 8 prescriptions, but only 3 were legitimate...his, girlfriends, and a guy living on the property. The other 5 prescriptions were people that claimed to not know him or why he had their prescriptions.

    He claims the feds aren't involved, but a DEA officer in my area came to my home at the request of CA task force agency to ask me questions about him. While this case has been going on my ex has come to WA many times, leaving the state of CA, and actually purchased a home in WA at Christmas time. He intends on moving back here and leaving CA.

    He goes back in a couple days to find out if the DA intends to retry the case and has told me if they do he is still moving back to WA and guessing that means he doesn't plan on sticking around if they do intend to retry him.

    Any thoughts on his situation?
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    wish your ex the best of luck op
  4. 242 lbs of pot, sweet.
  5. Questionable story in my opinion.
  6. They should have a good lawyer.

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