Not growing tall just more leaves...

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  1. This is my first grow. I'm only growing 2 citral plants at a time. I have just moved past the seedling stage and beginning the veg stage. I'm using a 3ft x 3ft x 6.5ft mylar grow tent, with 2 125watt 6500k cfls, and 2 125watt 2700k cfls. I just transferred them 2 days ago from the plastic cups to the 5 gallon hydrofarm dirt bags. They are not growing taller, they are just multiplying in leaves. The one now has 11 leaves developing and the other has 10. Is it normal under these conditions at this stage for them to just be growing big healthy leaves instead of getting taller? I know citral is a shorter bushy plant.
  2. It could also be that it's swimming in that big pot, spending alot of its energy on growing roots. On my grow I transplanted from cups to 1 gallon then to five gallons just for that reason. It'll grow up though just give it some time.
  3. like the above poster said the plants like to establish a strong root system before growing taller. They will , and very rapidly once they have settled in to there new home. You will be pleasantly surprised :D:smoke:
  4. Thanks great info. I'm new so I just wanted to replant as little as possible. But it makes a lot of sense on why they are only growing huge leaves and not getting taller. I'm almost at the point where I'm going to have to splint the plants to keep them standing, the leaves are way bigger than the stem can handle.
  5. Do you have a good wind from a fan blowin on em? I love my oscillating fan! Good strong wind on those babies will toughen up those stems. The oscillating gives em a strong wind while not giving them any kind of wind burn due to the oscillating motion
  6. I have a dehumidifier in the room, also a air conditioning unit. Aswell as a space heater set to 74 ( my grow tent stays about 4 degrees warmer than room temp with the cfls running), and I also have a small fan blowing through one of the tents ventilation ducts about 8 hours of the day. The light are on 2 double timers set to come on at 5 am daily and off at 11 pm. I'll be running 18/6 up until flowering at 12/12.
  7. Ha I grow at the same times as you. But ya get a nice fan breeze on those plants, Gettem moving that will toughen up those stems real nice
  8. sounds like u need a fan blowing directly on the plants, if they are too weak to hold their own leaves I can only imagine what will happen when you flower them.... Without simulated wind (a fan blowing directly on them) over a period of time to strengthen them, they are very likely to fall over & bend/break.
  9. I made it sound worse than it is. They are standing now actually rather straight. It's just the leaves are getting really big and its stem hasn't caught up yet. I imagine once they settle in to their 5 gallon dirt bags they will kick it into gear and catch up, as a couple people mention before to my original post question.

  10. Can you throw up a pic please. It would help us alot in order to help you.. Unless everything is back to normal and then goodluck with your continued grow.. :wave:

  11. Ok I use my cell phone the only camera I have. So give me a min. I have to take the pic with my cell send it to my email then load it and post it on my laptop.

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