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  1. Hey im a senior in highschool and tomorow i take my final for my last class. The thing is if i dont get an A i dont pass the class and i dont graduate :( . So im pretty much already prepared for the worst case scenario. But im planning on becoming a graphic designer and i already got accepted to and art school that thank god doesnt require and highschool diploma you can take a "ability to benefit" test. But anyway my question is any of you didnt graduate highscool and have a good life/job/career? Thanks
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    Don't get down on yourself, you can pass the test. If you don't graduate, getting a GED isin't that tough. It would probably be in your best interest to at least get that seeing how it is relatively easy, but there are plenty of folks out there that haven't graduated that are successful.

    Good luck, and believe in yourself!
  3. Uh it's a GED not a GRE. GRE is for Graduate School (It's the Graduate Record Exam).
  4. My bad, thats the one.
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    I think its possible of having a decent life without a high school diploma, but it would be pretty tough and risky. So I would just finish off high school if i was you. I am basically in the same situation but instead of leaving after i fail senior year, i am just gonna repeat it again. To get it over with. If you aren't ready into the real world after high school, you should just chill out for a little and take that extra year of high school if necessary. You still have a lot of life to live what harm is staying an extra year. thats easy time in my books and it will be not to bad.

    just my pov. ;)
  6. btw i plan on joining the national guard or the airforce or the navy after high school. i will have a decent life with a free education, decent job and another shot at another better future by staying an extra year in high school.
  7. im pretty sure you can go to summer school and take the required class again (assuming you dont get an A) and you'll get your diploma after that.

    you'll be fine either way man - gl!
  8. I didnt graduate. I just took the GED and quit my senior year, and now im going to college just like i planned too.
  9. summer school to get that last class out of the way? i think you can do that can't you?

    either way if you can't graduate than you need to get your shit together and stop worrying about marijuana forums and smoking in general
  10. Dude, if you need one more credit to graduate than get one more credit and get your diploma in the mail. There are situations that warrent a GED, but this isn't one.

    Go to your high shcool councelor and explain your situation. You should be able to take an internet course at a community college and have it applied as dual enrollement or something like that on your highschool transcript.
  11. This:hello:
  12. its no big deal, just take summer school, or online classes.
  13. I dropped out, still got a high school diploma. I'm sure you probably can too.

    The GED test is not that hard. It's easy to score out of. :D

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