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Discussion in 'General' started by DarkMatter36, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Not good... I got busted earlier tonight for possession of Paraphenalia... Supposedly I'm a shady looking character and I was suspect in a home robbery.. That's great... Just gimme back my bowl and let me go home.. But no... Took my bowl and said "we'll be in contact with you through the mail". So I have to go to court now... Any suggestions on how I might avoid a little jail time for a possession of Paraphenalia charge? Drop me a line in here or email me at Thanks guys.
  2. false identification..they held you for no reason basicly, thought you were the wrong person..they were in the wrong on that and you could hold it against them
    they were stealing your bowl while the real criminal got away
  3. when they took your bowl, were they in your house?.....did you let them in, or did they have a search warrant?.....if they didn't have a search warrant then they themselves broke their own law and you wouldn't get charged! did the bowl have resin in it, you cpould possibly claim it was for smoking tobacco, but if it had resin then you can't use that one.......Peace out....Sid

    ps you could threaten to sue for wrongfull arrest, if they took you in!....if so they may drop the charge if you do...
  4. damn..... sew their asses for false arrest, cus it wasnt u who robbed the house...... wait, was it? j/k
  5. Actually, if I were you, I'd get a good lawyer. That should be your first move. Second, probably too late for this, Don't admit to anything. Third, don't even talk to the cops without your lawyer present.

    Could get expensive, but it should keep you out of jail.
  6. Thanks for everything guys... Here's a sum up of all your questions...

    No... I wasn't in my house.. I was in my friend's car. The only probable cause they had to search the car was that it smelled like pot... Not a big reason. My bowl did have resin in it... So I can't say it was used for smoking tabacco... And I would deny everything, because I didn't admit to anything, but the two guys I was with already spilled the beans on everything.

    They didn't arrest me officially... I mean, they didn't take me to the station or anything... But they did put me in handcuffs and place me in the car while they checked to see if I had a warrant.. Was it illegal for them to place me in handcuffs under no pretense?
  7. Nic, I'm sorry I missed this thread...I was probably packing or something

    anyway, just get a good lawyer....try going to to look at the PA laws

    I think the worst crime out of all of this is that you said you're quitting b/c of it, but unless I really was dreaming, wasn't that you at my house this morning trying to wake me up to get weed?
  8. sucks for you man. just keep truckin' on.

    *chips cashed in, just keep truckin' on...


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