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  1. i was having sex with the guy i have been hooking up with for a while now and like tonight we were doing it and i was on top and all of the sudden he like switches me from the top to the bottom.....was i not doing it right or something or did he just want to be on top????:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  2. It could go either way, maybe he didn't like what you were doing or maybe he just wanted to be on top. Sometimes I change it up for no reason; sex is fun with lots of different positions.

    Next time ask him if he wants you to get on top; see if he goes for it.
  3. ok cuz that made me feel like shit cuz i felt like i was doing something wrong lol

  4. guys cum faster if the girl is on top
  5. omg that is true!!! he said that he was coming like 4 min. later so hmmmm i think that might have been y lol
  6. this is completely up to the girl. I can lay on my back for damn near all night but i cant get on top for more than like 40 min. I like to switch it up and alot of times its funner just not to tell the girl and just do it. Dont take it bad, if he didnt like what you were doing he wouldnt be letting you do it at all.
  7. is that you in your avatar?? you've got some nice funbags.
  8. so i was doing it with my gf and we were doing it doggie she tried to get on bottom, and i put her back into the doggie position and kept going as if i didnt see she wanted me on top, i hate being on top....ugh HAHA
  9. Oh that sounds like a typical girl thing, something my gf would say :)
    Dont worry he probably just wanted some impulsiveness.
  10. trust me babe
    with someone lookin like you sittin on a guys dick
    theres not much you could do wrong..
  11. ^i was just about to say the same

    yeah with that rack he probably didn't want you to hurt yourself and wanted something soft to rest his head on while he was in pound town :)

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