Not Going to Be Around for Awhile.

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Taking a leave of absence for awhile. Just life and all things hitting me at once.

    I'm sorry I haven't been around now, but I'll be there to help when needed. I just have a lot of my own life to figure out now. I've got a surfing comp. coming up soon, and just so much to plan out.

    If you guys want to talk then chat with me on AIM: Wanderlustsetsin

    I haven't been home enough lately to even be on these forums. But, just know I still care. :smoking:
  2. cool man, your one of the members whose posts i really enjoy reading, good luck with whatever u got goin on, see ya soon
  3. Damn man, im going to miss you.. and i hopep u figure shit out and hope to see you back soon.

    Keep doing your thing man, ive known you for awhile, I know youll make everything work out.

    see ya around man.
  4. NOOO. I'll never forget our GC chats with Rasta, Chipcago, and the drunk Heinous Anus.

  5. You have, and I will.

    I know, it does suck. I've lost many good friends in the past 2 years.

    I'm just trying to focus on life and my goals ahead of me. Suck to have to be hard on myself, but I feel its what's needed.
  6. Because I was drunk, I've already forgotten...:D

    ....not really. I know, it was fun, it was. I've just got sooooo many chicks after me. So many things left un-done. Man, I'm in a weird place in my life now....
  7. I just IMed you brother!

  8. Dude, come back to check in from time to time so we know all's well :D
  9. I hope you get everything in your life straightened out real quick. You'll be missed.

    Be Safe.

  10. Wow your life sure is tough
  11. GL with everything heinous, stay nice dog

  12. x2
    good luck bro
  13. Holla dude.
  14. Sucks to hear... later i guess
  15. Best O luck man.

    I expect you back one of these days to ressurect the world travel thread.
  16. Ya i'm going to miss your cool threads about something random such as a food or ball pits. Always loved 'em
  17. We'll miss you bud, stay focused, your fellow blades will always be here for ya :)
  18. Dude you know you are going to be missed, but hey you do waht you gotta do, good luck and pop in sometime!
  19. Thanks guys. Well, its not like I'm not going to be around forever. I'll drop by often, but just not like I used to.

    I just really have to kick my ass back into shape after my broken ribs. I lost a lot of muscle from not being able to lift or do much for about 5 months. So, I'm gonna hit back hard, stay focused and the muscle should come back quick anyway.

    I'll still toke, but like once a week now. Like a nice little reward on my day off. :)

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