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Not getting that high anymore

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by moonelk, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. This is my first post. I've been smoking almost every day (1-3 personal sized joints a day) for almost 2 years now. And now after smoking joints to my face these past couple weeks (which would generally get me pretty high), haven't really been getting me that high and the highs certainly don't last very long. Any reason for why this is happening or what I can do?
  2. switch to edibles

    look for aciid 's forecracker thread.
    every single one ive made following the directions have been 100%
  3. Your building up a tolerance, take a tolerance break don't smoke weed for two -four weeks, when you pick it back up you will get like you used to. The longer your break the higher you will get when you start back up. I don't believe you would need to do it longer then six months.
  4. ive done it for a year,
    i puked when i smoked (my 21st bday)
    it was a raw restart of tolerance and lung cleanliness
  5. you took a one year t-break?
  6. yah.
    to test myself.

    how many times i thought about it and was offered FREE bud?

    i now know self control.
  7. Not sure if this is really answerable, but what would be the shortest amount of time for a smoking break that would have a legitimate effect on my tolerance?
  8. @DarkCloud; DAM!!!

    @moonelk: I say minimum MINIMUM at least 2 weeks. For me two weeks did it. I think that was my longest tea break ever. But idk now i think maybe for the new year i might test myself
  9. but at what cost? :eek:
  10. maybe its time to step up the game and find some better pot.. thats what worked for me.. and yes a break will work wonders
  11. at no cost to me. my life wasnt affected negatively. i can tell you that.

    the longer you hold out on smoking the more your tolerance is affected.
    im not sure if its exponencial or linear. i can just tell you. to swtich to edibles fora bit
    best bet
  12. This, you'd be surprised how much your tolerance lowers if you stop for a week or two. If you quit for a month, that first time you smoke afterward you're gonna get so cheefed.
  13. So called break isn't so easy though...
  14. surprise yourself...
    take pride in your courage.
    do what you gotta do, ya know?
  15. Sure it is, you just have to find ways to stay busy.

    Weed is not physically addicting, there's no withdrawal, it's all in your head man. I've been smoking almost every day for the last 2 or 3 years now, but every once in a while I have to take time off for whatever reason. It's really not that bad.

    Don't sit here and complain that your tolerance is too high but you can't handle not smoking for a week or two. It's not heroin man, you'll be fine taking some time off.
  16. ^Lol you mad? I'm not complaining.
  17. I'm not mad, this is just like the 20,000th thread with the same message, I'm not getting that high anymore but I don't wanna take a t-break. Well, what the fuck else do you expect us to tell you? Either get better weed or take a t-break, those are your two options.
  18. Lmao, u suck.
  19. Because I'm telling you the truth?

    Sorry, there's no magic way to get higher without getting your tolerance down or getting better weed.

    Way to be thankful for getting truthful responses to your thread btw, real mature.
  20. Didn't know it was that serious. Built like a tank, bro.

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