Not getting higher with bong

Discussion in 'General' started by jsmooth23, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Ok, so when i smoke a blunt i feel lik after each hit im getting higher and higher but for some reason with bongs i get to my peak in a few pinches and after dat i feel lik i can't get any higher my tolerance is also kinda high so dat might be it too but with a blunt i feel lik im getting higher after each hit. Anyone else experience the same thing or have any suggestions
  2. Maybe it's the tobacco adding to your high? idk
    Personally bong rips get me the highest.
  3. yea i think dat too cuz joints don't even get me dat high compared to other ways probably the weakest way to me
  4. sounds like you're taking longer breaks in between your hits with the bong, just go suicide and keep hitting it like a blunt
  5. i get a pretty good buzz or high after the first few pinches den after dat i don't feel lik im getting dat much higher but it might be cuz im smoking alot less with the bong i usually smoke a 1g+ blunt and lik .3 with the bong but i feel lik if i keep going its a waste because im not getting any higher but i might smoke a G wit the bong today and see where it takes me
  6. Probably your tolerance.
    I smoke out of a bong the most and when I smoke a blunt, I will get riipppeeed.
    Make a gravity bong or a waterfall.

  7. Yea i tried dat a few times it takes too much time wit all dat water and it gives you a headrush but i think i like the bong high more

  8. Oh okay haha.
    Get a bigger bong?
    I have a 3 footer and it definitely fucks me up more than a lot of other bongs
  9. Blunts get you more "higher" because they produce more smoke, The smoke itself can be intoxicating ( not the THC ), Your body fights off the smoke and you get that feeling
  10. Well from your vocabulary, I'm going to ignorantly assume you are black.
    Which only means, you're naturally attracted to blunts.
    But I think you're not taking big enough rips on the zong bro.

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