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Not getting high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Drunkkcunt, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Me and a friend, have smoked 75% of a hash 3CM long brick using a smoke pipe (not hash pipe). But we aren't getting high or feeling anything.
  2. Must be dog shit then.
  3. It's supposed to be a decent quality hash, as it was from the dealer's personal stash.
    The dealer is a friend of us, so I doubt he gave us shit quality hash.
  4. Pack a bowl with some bud and put some of the hash ontop.
  5. yeah what bar said. usually i like to smoke mostly buds and then maybe a little bit of wax and keef on top to add flavor and get extra baked. keep toking sichensa :)
  6. It worked gentlemen, we made a water bong. '
  7. oh i got it. its called...inhaling. lemme know if that does the trick
  8. Are you sure its weed?
  9. Or not, the remaining of the hash wasn't enough. :(
  10. Not sure what happened. It was my first time, so it's a big disappointment for me, but for the guy who I smoked with, it was his 15th time. And he smoked hash from the same dealer before (Not to mention that he is a friend of his). So the possibility we got robbed by the dealer is small.
    Even when we made the water bong, which was a much easier and better way to smoke, it didn't hit us.

    Anyone ever failed to get high?
  11. And as for inhaling, I always been in a noob at it. I fail at smoking cigarettes, but my friend smoked weed before and got high, but this didn't.

    Could mango juice has anything to do with it? I drank a concentrated mango juice 30 minutes before smoking. I read a myth that it makes the high stronger.
  12. Dude you wasted hashish? How dare you haha I could've gotten fuckin baked with that shit no doubt. With or without weed underneath it. I've personally never failed to get high, it's so easy a caveman could do it;)
  13. Sometimes I think a caveman is smarter than me. I'm a complete noob when it comes to inhaling the smoke. I'm gonna smoke again in the next week, but I'll ask the dealer to roll joints for me, and most probably smoke with him. If I also fail, I should either find a school were they teach you how to smoke, or start baking weed.
  14. Noobs smoking is funny but so aggravating when they waste weed. I woulda killed for that hash! Psh.
  15. Bad hash, maybe it wasn't even hash, there are some things that look so much like hash look,smell,taste but aren't sound's like you got ripped off man. :(
  16. I'm very pissed about it. The money I spent on that hash, was all the money I got for the end of August.
    M friend got sympathetic how my first time sucked, so he decided that next time it'll be on him.
  17. Great introduction. :smoke:

    Not hating but that's pretty dumb.

    I love my weed but not enough to go broke for a month.

    Space it out man, smoke some nice green and just enjoy the plant when you can afford to :p

  18. Maybe I got ripped. But I explained why I don't think we got ripped, but you never know. Maybe that dealer ripped us off. :(

  19. Yeah, it's pretty stupid from me to use all of my money. I just wanted to have a good time (Since, I can't drink, because I live in a retarded country)
  20. What country do you live in? Muslim I'm guessing? I know alcohol is against their religion although ironically I think the word derives from the Arabic language.

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