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Not getting high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cocopuff65, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So I was just wondering... Why am I not getting high? Im a everyday smoker for the past year.. And ive been smoking frequently for a couple years prior to that..

    Well I just started noticing I'm never getting that head change or even really a noticeable body high... Just buzzed... Even if I smoke .8 of some dank to myself.

    I've been sick alot lately, also recently got my wisdom teeth out.. Could either of those have something to do with it?

    The last t break I took was a 12 day one in mid July.. Would I really benefit me enough to take another one now? (just picked up a q of banana skunk... So I don't want waste it).

    Also my buddy was telling me my buds might be stale? Is this possible? They still taste great and smoke nice.. And everyone that I share with raves about them the next couple days.. So I really dont think this is it.. Im just trying to explore all the options..

    Also I've been more physically active lately.. Even though I'm sick.. Because of a crazy work schedule..

    TL;DR- why am I not getting high anymore?
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    no its not stale lol.

    make sure you hold all of your hits for at least 5 seconds

    also make sure your smoking all at once. If you smoke 0.8g of dank to yourself, smoke it all at once. Dont smoke it over the period of 4 hours. You will barely get high.

    Try smoking at different times. after you wake up (wake n bake), after you eat (smoking before you eat kills the high), after work and physical activity (feels good to relax man)...etc
  3. get better buds
  4. smoke more than .8 to yourself? I smoke up to 2 grams to get blasted!
  5. I'll try the different times thing.. And I try to hold my hit but my sore throat doesn't really agree most of the time lol

    When I had my wisdom teeth out I was on pain meds.. Could that have effected it?
  6. time for a break man .
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    Smoking less often will help. Try smoking every other day, and smoke only once or twice on the day you smoke. Also, smoking in the afternoon, around 4:20pm ,rather than in the morning helps with having a more noticeable high. Or you can take a full on T break and stop smoking all together.

    Oh! You also try doing some deep breathing exercises for 15 minutes after getting high. It worked wonders for me, and it is surprisingly effective. It releases endorphins which is a natural high that makes you feel great! It's awesome, I strongly suggest you give it a try the next time you smoke ^_^
  8. i find that sometimes, and the only way was to stop smoking completely and let my tolerence drop, otherwise id be smoking too much and wasteing alot of money. also your meds may have a slight effect.
  9. switch to hash for a while maybe.
  10. Dude, take a day off for once, keep somewhat active, by the next night you take that one good rip and u'll be donezo, I do it all the time... Its worth it.
  11. You just need a break. You've got a fairly large tolerance from daily smoking for a year, so a break of at least 2 weeks is probably in order. Stick that bud in a nice jar and come back to it after a few weeks of break. It'll be worth it.
  12. Pot head lol! Yeah just take a break and you well get baked once you smoke again
  13. Tolerance Break.
    Even if you don't smoke for a few days then toke up, you'll notice a huge difference. If you want an even way better high, wait for week-month period......or longer if you want to get seriously derped.
  14. You probably just have a higher tolerance. I don't get nearly as high as I used to, but I still get decently baked. Try taking a t-break if you really want to, or maybe just smoke a little bit more.
  15. my friend it happens to all of us committed stoners at some time, when we need to take a nice t-break that will work and refresh us for more dank.

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