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Not getting high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokintokin712, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. So i first smoked 6 months ago from then to now i have smoke two or three times each months every time i smoke me and some of my friends share 2 joints but none of us are getting high not even once the weeds not fake its in buds smells right and has orange hairs so im sure its not that im in haling properly and everything so i literally have no idea why were not getting high any clue why this might be.
  2. Either your developing a tolerance, which doesn't seem very likely only smoking two or three times each month. Or the weed isn't as good as you think it is.Maybe try switching it up? Get a cheap bong or make a waterfall bong and try that. You can get like 4 or 5 waterfalls out of one joint.
  3. If you only smoke a few times a month and you're not getting high there has to be something wrong with the bud you're smoking. Is there crystals on it? Even if there isn't you should be getting stoned. Hmmmm... Did you try using something else to smoke like a bong?
  4. Try a grav bong.
  5. Just buy a 2 liter of soda, cut a small hole in the bottom.

    Then take the lid and cut a hole in it and put a bowl or a socket in the top, this is where you put the weed.

    Put your finger over the hole, fill it up with water, as your letting go of the hole light the bowl.

    Wait for it to fill up with smoke, and go to town.

    Edit: In case you were wondering how to make a waterfall bong.
  6. Next time you smoke, inhale some air after your hit. Like literally just inhale air and it will push the smoke into your lungs, making sure you get all that THC :smoke: Good luck my friend
  7. thanks for helping i might buy a bong but its quite hard to hide from my mom im smoking again on Saturday i got 2 grams of king kush its is quite frosty it just looks like any bud ive seen on the internet and i was gonna roll a blunt with the whole 2 grams and see if that worked if not im might get a bong
  8. Can't get high from joints, makes a thread for advice, decides to roll a 2g dank blunt.


  9. If the joints don't get ya high all the blunt is going to do is make you cough more....
  10. Try a bowl maybe? Idk what to tell you, you and your friends should be getting high
  11. My guess is that you're 15 and none of you know how to inhale.
    If that's incorrect, sucks to not get high, sorry!
  12. get better weed :confused_2:
  13. I've never heard of "King Kush". Probably a fake name.

    But, yea, if a J doesn't get you high, you'll just be wasting $40 worth of weed.

    Try a bong. You literally can't not get high with one.

  14. King kush is a legit strain. og kush x grape ape.

  15. i know how to inhale i smoked cigarettes for a year

  16. King Kush Marijuana Reviews - Leafly
  17. your not doing it right.
  18. I got high the first time i smoked and still do everytime. Granted it takes more now. Your weeds bad or your somehow not inhaling right.
  19. i bought a shitty bong today to see how it works

    2012-08-18 22.39.06.jpg
  20. #20 tsunamichamp, Aug 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 19, 2012
    That looks like good bong to me. And the inhaling part might be the problem. You should be choking off that bong. If not your not taking a big enough hit or your not inhaling. I'm saying this in my nice polite voice btw. Even shitty dirt brick weed will give you some what of a buzz.

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