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Not getting high?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Hockeyplayrj, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I've smoked marijuana about 15 times. Inhaling correctly and everything. I've smoked joints, bowls, and a bong but I still havnt gotten high. I've gotten the Munchies but no high, just slightly more calm. Anyone have any suggestions? I've smoked high quality weed to. Hazes, og kush, etc...
  2. Maybe it's bunk weed...
  3. take a dab. that'll get you high.
  4. What's a dab? Would this have anything to do with how much I smoked? I went to a slightly stoopid concert last night and smoked a j and a half and stil nothing

  5. Happend to me wen I first started smokin , after I smoked Incense it got me tore up , then I smoked some weed then that's wen I started gettin high
  6. acquire a fresh batch of dank, pack a bong and rip it 10 times in one minute and tell me you aint sky high :smoke:
  7. I suggest holdin ur smoke in and swallowing ur smoke, it'll make u cough and that's good
  8. your smoking shitty bud puff some loud that'll change ya life
  9. Yeah and another thing, I never cough, I can hit for as long as I want without coughing All it does is burn my lungs haha
  10. That exact thing happened to my friend, i would say just keep tryin man

  11. Ok well next time remember to hold ur smoke in , and swallow it for as long as possible! It's gonna work trust me, and don't expect the high jus be relaxed and it will come to u shortly
  12. Did he eventually get high?
  13. Dabbing is smoking oils.

    What I suggest you do, if you do end up wanting to get high is smoke a joint or blunt and keep dragging it until you feel the harshness to the point you cough. You'll feel it.

  14. Finnaly someone who knows the term loud on here! Every time I talk bout my loud there like what?
  15. Yeah I'll try hitting another bong, that was the closest thing yet.
  16. .....

    There are so many different things I could say about how this isn't a good idea, but I'm just going to suggest to the OP that he never smoke any incense, it's not for human consumption, period.

    Swallowing your smoke doesn't do anything but promote stomach aches (with almost all of the occurrences I've noticed) since your stomach doesn't necessarily absorb THC through the stomach. Actually, when considering even edibles, the THC doesn't enter the blood stream until it is in a liquified state so smoke in your stomach is strictly adverse.

    Oxygen deprivation or that 'feeling of increased high' is as a result of the coughing and while that may enhance the experience much like asphyxiation can during intercourse, you're losing brain cells in the process.

    In other words, don't choke yourself to get higher, just buy more weed.

  17. What does OP mean? And yeah I wouldn't recommend incense at all, there crazy!also I never get stomach aches from that , nd I have a pretty weak stomach
  18. Maybe due to some unknown medical condition, you've been perpetually high since the day you were born.

  19. Is that possible?
  20. Damn that really sucks just keep trying maybe do some edibiles like put 2 grams in a firecracker then you'll feel it :p

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