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Not Getting High The First Time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zarkrom, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Well i was out about an hour ago trying bud for my first time. I was with 2 mates and out of the 3 of us i took the most puffs i reckon. Thing is my one mate was fairly high after what he had and the other was baked. Meanwhile i was still sober and i don't know why. It can't have been the quality cause they were both good with it.
    I did swallow at lot of the smoke unintentionally though so maybe thats got something to do with it. If so can anyone suggest how to stop myself from swallowing.

  2. Use your lungs not your stomach?  :)
    It is really common to not get high your first time. I know I didn't. Just try again. 
  3. Make sure to use a lot of force when you inhale it. It may be rough at first, but I am sure that it will work better. Usually when people say they don't get high the first time then they did something wrong somewhere along the way. But then again I only say that because me and my friends all got baked our first times lol.
    Just make sure to get the smoke in the lungs and you should be fine the next time.
  4. your inhaling not swallowing but just keep at it smoking cannabis is a skill that takes time to really learn but if your smoking bong think of it like a deep breath hold it in the lungs for a second then exhale don't swallow with the smoke in your throat
    you don't need alot of force to smoke no point in fuckin up your lungs before you even get high
  5. Until my lungs and throat got used to the burning sensation I'd take the smoke into my mouth and then suck in some air afterward.
  6. that is actually a vary good trick to learn it will really save you alot of pain
    good advise man goto your local dealer and give them the code 420 and get 10% off on your next purchases of 20 pounds or more :bongin:
  7. could be the way you're inhaling.  many people (me my first time also) bring the smoke into their mouths but it doesnt actually get down into the lungs.  make sure when you take a hit you take a deep breath and get the smoke in.  my first time i just brought it into my mouth and exhaled the smoke but nothing happened. make sure it gets to your lungs.
  8. A.) Was it actually marijuana? B.) Did you even inhale?
  9. That's a big thing is not getting high your first time, it took my best friend three times and I tried three diffrent ways with her joint, blunt, and pipe. The pipe got her so fucking baked
  10. It must have been marijuana cause the one mate i was with was totally baked afterwards. The other guy was pretty high to but he didn't have as much. Seeing as i had the most hits but didn't get high im guessing that i wasn't inhaling properly.
    I might try Dragonmage's suggestion of inhaling air straight afterwards. Were hopefully trying again next weekend so i can try it then.
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    Not getting high your first time is common. Some people have to introduce THC into their system once or twice before it actually starts working. My first time, I smoked a shit ton, about a gram between me and my buddy, and he (who had smoked before many times) got pretty baked and I never felt anything. But the second time I smoked, I was pretty high after like 2-3 hits

    Also, as others pointed out, its about technique. Make sure you're burning enough and take your hit, and then inhale regular air so it pushes the smoke down into your lungs so the THC absorption can occur. If you took a good hit, you will feel the effects within 30-60 seconds I would say (at least for someone with no tolerance)
  12. i was RIPPED the first time i smoked. i was even more baked the second time. i seriously felt like i was tripping my second time being high. it was unlike any high ive ever gotten from weed since.
  13. Pro tip: drag you joint, then breathe in some air after and hold your breath, blow out and REPEAT
  14. Use your lungs.
  15. Take in a breath just like you do before you jump into water. Once you take the hit inhale more air to push the smoke further into your lungs. That's your best bet.
  16. Didn't get high until a few months after I smoked for the first time, but then I faced a couple gs in my room with a bowl and got fucking lifted
  17. I used to be the same way. All you have to do is take a deep breath to get the smoke in your lungs, and then blow out.

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