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Not Getting High The First Time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ZOIDS 3, May 30, 2013.

  1. I have a friend coming over to smoke for his first time.I myself got high after my first toke of a bong. but i heard there are people how didn't get high even after their 4 (!)time. How can this be prevented? And how long does he need to wait before he try again in case he will not get high?  

  2. Because people usually start off with joints or blunts and don't know you have to inhale that smoke! When smoking a bong or pipe once that choke is removed and you drag that fresh air rushed is almost always gonna rush in your lungs!

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  3. Yea my buddy wants to get high. Last time we smoked three full packed spoons, its a large bowl for a spoon, between three people and he didn't feel anything. I feel bad bc I want him to feel like us. Lol
  4. I don't think i have that much weed to spend on him. better go get some more.
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    First time I smoked was out of a bong, took 1 good rip and we sat around for like 5 minutes, didn't feel anything. I sure as hell did after the second toke :hippie:
    I remember the 2nd one burning my throat like mad, and then just sitting there as my first high came on wish I could get that baked now :smoking:
  6. I got high my first time too. Just show your friend how to smoke. Breathe all the air out of your lungs, put your hand on your chest, then take a hit and feel your chest expand. Everything about not getting high your first time is a myth, it's simply because people don't know how to take a hit their first time.
  7. I didn't get high first time, but I'd smoked cigs before so I definitely did know how to inhale. I think it was because I didn't really know what being high felt like, so I probably got a bit high but passed it off as being tired or something. Explain what he's going to feel, and keep asking if he's feeling it - not in an annoying way, just casually. That worked when I gave my friend his first 2 times.

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