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Not getting high enough?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weed and Wheels, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hey GC. I have been smoking for a couple months now (regularly) and I realized I don't get very high. I usually smoke before bed and stay up until I pass out. But the highs are weird. I get like a big head rush within the first 30 mins and hit my peak but then it goes away pretty fast and I feel like I need to smoke more. I usually take about 10 hits out of a pipe with carb hole. I smoke 4 times a week so I doubt it's tolerance plus the last time I smoked besides last night was 5 days ago. The strain I have is Durban Diesel btw. I am getting lemon haze soon so maybe it's just the strain but I don't know. What are your thoughts?
  2. Try to hold the hit in as long as possible
  3. 4 times a week will raise tolerance.
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    What? I smoke 1-5 times daily and I still get ripped every single time...
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    It doesn't make much of a difference you only need to hold it for a couple of seconds.
  6. Smoke what you are going to smoke for your high within the first hour, otherwise you become "numb" to the high, or so my experience has brought to me. If you are already high and smoke more after you have already hit your peak, you seem to not get as much out of it. Wait till you feel you have mostly come down before toking again and see if that helps.

    Also, take a week or so off, and then try to condition your smoking to only taking 3 or 4 hits (assuming you take the same size drags I do anyway...) and relax. Holding it in till it "ghosts" is a good way to know you are getting the most out of your bud.

  7. You doubt its tolerance.

    But it is tolerance.

    The more you smoke, the less you intense it will get.

    if you really want to fuck up your tolerance, get a bong.

    THC effects are felt at a greater amount when done all at once.

    The way you smoke is a detriment to your abilities to get high.

    Taking one big hit will get you MUCH HIGHER than 10 small hits spaced out.

    Go buy a bong off this website for 40 bucks. Its not expensive.

    Once you start smoking more than like 8 times a month, weed is never the same.
  8. It's easy to build a tolerance to a particular flavor. Maybe that strain is not very strong?
    Switch it up with flavors, that always helps me from getting bored.
  9. I'm pretty sure you will get higher if you hold in a hit for 20 seconds when you compare it to just a few seconds...

  10. You also absorb up to 4x as much tar when you ghost.
  11. Thanks guys and btw I hold my hits in for as long as possible. Usually ghost them. But anyway is the fix to this getting a different strain? Or shud I use a different utensil? I smoke in one session not strung out. And I have a bong I just like the ease of my pipe. Do u think smoking a different strain out of my bong will help? or is it time for a t break?
  12. I think that mixing it up with a few -different-kinds- of pieces and strains will really help out. I myself cycle through a few different pieces. A spoon, bubble pipe, bong, rolled, etc...
  13. Alright I think I'll take a mini break and then switch up my pieces and bud a bit. Thanks a lot GC!!
  14. What kind of bong you got?
  15. Here's my baby, just cause I'm so proud of it, lol.

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  16. time for tbreak homie.

    daily consumption increases the amount of weed to get high.
  17. Ahah that's usaully the problem after smoking weed everyday all the time switch up what you smoke outta of from time to time

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  18. I luv ur bong
  19. Word, haha. It's a local glassmaker as far as I can tell because it's a no name and I only paid $100 for it, but the glass feels very high quality and the diffusers and everything is very well made.

    The downstem is a ROOR, from my old bong that broke. Though, I now find it was probably a fake, that's okay, the downstem still rocked with the diffuser holes at the bottom.

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