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Not getting high anymore?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by J3553, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Weed used to get me high from smoking 0.1g.  It used to make me feel like I was wrapped up in a blanket with bubbly champagne flowing through my veins.  This intense tingling feeling was especially prominent in my scalp/forearms/thighs.  It made me forget all my problems and everything just felt "right" with the world.  It completely killed my social anxiety when high.  Each time I would smoke, I'd get the warm intense tingling and could just sit on my couch enjoying it.  I'd "refresh" the high every half-hour or so, at the peak of my use, and each time it would get me just as high.  It got me just as high for 2-3 years even when smoking multiple times daily.  It also never made me hungry but food tasted better.  It never actually made me tired, but I could fall asleep right after smoking if I needed to.  Sometimes it made me really paranoid, but it was okay since I still felt the body high and the high was overall enjoyable.
    I remember this one time specifically when I smoked almost a half-gram where I was at my computer and I felt so good and relaxed that I felt my head droop down/a bit forward.  I closed my eyes and just focused on how good I felt all over.  Then I started to get what I assume are considered CEVs.  It was like a very vivid image in my mind, kinda like I was dreaming while being awake.  For a couple seconds, I was lost in this dream world/picture of a very vivid grassy knoll with a big tree and a rainbow in the background.  I then snapped out it and felt like I could go back if I closed my eyes but I didn't want to look suspicious since my parents could see me if they looked over.
    Now I can easily smoke 0.5g at a time and the "high" I get from weed is at worst:
    -Thirsty/dry mouth
    and at best:
    -A bit more relaxed
    -Feel sinking/rising feeling in body
    -A bit warmer, (I would describe it as feeling like a toasted baguette fresh from the oven)
    -A bit of a "buzzy" feeling through-out body (comparable to when you're really tired)
    -Happier, but not "everything is perfect" happy
    And these new highs are after taking a 1 year+ break.  This has happened on many different batches of weed.  It could be the bud quality as the stuff I was smoking before had a lot of kief/smelled like a skunk died in it and the bud I'm getting now has visible kief but less of it and smells more piney/earthy and not as strongly.
    Could it be strain/quality/permanent tolerance/something else?
    Anyone else experience this and reacquire their enjoyable highs?

  2. U need a tolerance break bro. Give ur cannabinoid receptors a rest. it seems that they need cannabis to be normal. So smoking just makes u maintain instead of getting rippped. Take a 2 week break. If u can. or at least a week off.
  3. I need this break too. However when I smoke now my eyes get really red, and before they never used to.
  4. My experience with these kinds of issues has been set and setting. I had the same problem with mushrooms. Try to make your session more enjoyable BEFORE you smoke, put on some relaxing music, focus on feeling good, read some basic stuff about meditation etc. 
    Bad highs in my experience have been because I'm not taking the time to be present in the moment when I smoke, I just want to feel good and get on with my day; that's a precursor of dependance. 
    Also, don't think about the high too much, just let the herb take you where it wants to take you. Trust the plant, it knows what it's doing.
    The only other thing I can say is the sad fact of life, your body will change, your brain will change, and you can never have the same high twice.
    This has just been my experience, hope it helped.  :smoke:
  5. he took a 1 year break.... thats a long fucking time.. but anyway its just that now your used to it, you body knows whats good when thc hits it now and thats why there is a difference in highs, it wont come back unless maybe you stop for like a few years and completely forget what its like to be high. 
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    Wow that was a good explanation!
    OP, I would first suggest making sure you're switching up smoking methods. I heard the temperature at which the cannabinoids are released is very connected to the type of high you get. Also, I feel like the quality of weed is going down. The prices have certainly gone up since I became a medical patient, so I am assuming demand went with it. I shop around a lot, and every now and then I will get a batch of herb that just blows me away.
  7. Yea I tell my friends that i'm a vampire when my eyes get red lol.
    I've been switching it up a lot between pipe, bong, vape(DBV) and the occasional joint.  Doesn't seem to make any difference in the high that I get.
    Thanks for this advice. 
    I always think too much when I'm high, often about if I'm really high or not.  I usually smoke in the same place and do one of a few activities when I'm high, so I'll try mixing it up.
  9. Try smoking less or drink a beer while doing it :)
  10. I would try to get better weed or make edibles. Both should give you a better high.

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