Not getting high anymore?

Discussion in 'General' started by thecolorcolton, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Hello Grasscity readers!
    I have been reading things on grasscity for a long time, but this is my very first post.
    Okay, well i have been smoking for a few years. the problem is, here lately, when i smoke, i dont quiet feel the high i used to. i dont feel that 'every things funny' high. any suggestions?
    And please avoid saying take a grace period, im not looking to do that,

  2. Take a grace period
  3. All you can really do is either smoke more(which builds an even more tolerance) or take a 2 week break and space your sessions. I suggest taking a break for a week or two then start slow. 
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  5. Yeah dude same shit is happening to me I dont get that high anymore I just smoke get a little baked and then feel tired =( nothing even close to the high when I started. So im takeing a t break for a while then starting back up when I have a fuck load off money and buy a couple ounces hahha

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  6. Time for a tolerance break
  7. Lmao you post asking how to lower tolerance then negate the only real solution to tolerance :laughing:

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