Not getting as high?

Discussion in 'General' started by TwiztidToker24, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I've had an oz of dank for 5 months. I smoke only like 5 times a week outta my vape. Anyways recently I've noticed that I need more to get stoned. This is obviously result of tolerance. However what I don't get is if I smoke a gram outta the vapeand start to come down in an hour or so, even if I smoke more I don't get high again. Why is this?
  2. Also my weed is kinda dry (to prevent mold) and I have had it for 5 months in a mason jar. Could potency have degraded (which I highly doubt). Or could I have just built up tolerance to this strain or smoking method (vaping).
  3. I find I build up tolerances if I smoke the same strain over and over. That's usually why I buy 8ths and go through 5 people.
  4. I think you should switch it up. When you get into a routine sometimes you don't notice how high you really are. Try taking a bong rip and switch it up.
  5. Yeah just that bongs aren't as conservative and I can't smoke a bong in my apartment.

  6. I definitely think it's tolerance. How many times a day do you smoke? If you smoke multiple times then just take more time between sessions (add 2-3 hours between each). And like everyone else, I think it has to do with using the same strain for so long.

    Either way, that's hella lame man. You have mad nug, the most efficient smoking tool, and yet you're struggling to reach that peak. Sorry to hear this :(

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