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Not getting as high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Doople, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Recently its seemed like I haven't been getting as high as before. Its the same pot, same amount, bowl, etc. but its not as strong and its only lasting an hour-an hour and a half. It feels like a good buzz, but not 'high'. Why is that?
  2. Sounds like you're building up a tolerance maybe?... Time for a T-Break?
  3. Catching a good high after settling into a routine can become a problem.

    Things to look for, or change would be;
    1. your environment; try going somewhere else and smoking
    2. your company; try smoking with someone else
    3. your tolerance; maybe it's in your best interest to take a break for a while
    4. your bud; if you're smoking mid-grade weed then try getting a gram of exotic to spice things up a bit.

    Essentially getting into a routine of smoking weed on a daily basis can cause problems. I know from experience, doing the same thing every night with the same people just looses it's special-ness when it comes to getting high. Sometimes you've got to step out of your routine and explore other options.

    Good luck brother.
  4. Take a T-break while you can! The longer you go without a T-break the higher your tolerance gets and the harder (for me atleast) it is to take a T-break.
  5. Have the same prob dude... What I did instead of a t break I just threw up some fuckin Christmas lights in my room and posted up a couple blacklight poster my sister still had.. Works bro..... Well and friend was over which probly the main reason I had a cooler high...
  6. tolerance is probably the only thing it could be.

    it may be the weed though. i mean maybe one part of the bud is more potent.
    but its probably just your tolerance

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