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Not getting as high anymore

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thekoolbudz, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Sup gc,at school right high a tad bit high but I'm not high as I used to get..I dunno why I smoke pretty dank BC bud and I use around .2 grams in my mini bubbler , I just don't seem to get the good high I used to get. And I don't smoke very often I'm not joking when I say an 8th of dank lasts me a month .What doyou think is up? Sry for spelling I typed this on itouch
  2. Um, tolerance?
  3. /thread
  4. yup, take a break. dont expect it to be like your first time smoking again but you should notic the difference.
  5. Like I said..i don't smoke that often so why should o have tolerence?
  6. Well, try smoking 2 grams in one sitting and tell us if you still can't get high :)
  7. Take a T-break dude
  8. I'm not sure why your asking this question, it seems pretty straight forward. Your only smoking .2 grams and your not getting high enough. Smoke more.
  9. I feel like this to, i only smoke maby 1g a day. It could be you get high then just get used to feeling high so you dont think you are that high. this happens to me, so i just smoke more and get messed up.
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    When I vape all day, I don't feel that high sometimes.

    When I skip the wake n bake and wait a few hours before I start vaping, I feel higher and use less.

    There has to be some contrast.
  11. You've got two options.

    1. Smoke More
    2. take a t-break

    you're choice. :)
  12. Break time for you.:cool:

  13. Even if you're not smoking often, you're still smoking somewhat regularly, so the same amount isn't necessarily going to get you as high forever.
    The only way to get higher is to take a break for a couple weeks, or smoke more. ;)
  14. Ok thanks guys I think I'm going to just smoke more :)
  15. You can
    A. Smoke more
    B. Since you dont smoke all too much take a week off and drink water + Exercise.
    I know this works because i used to work at a landscaping company and i could wake and bake go to work for 9 hours of course sweating and drinking tons of water and come back and smoke that night and its like smoking for the first time that day. I really liked that.
  16. Smart thinking. You probably just been running into some shitty dope here lately. That happened to me for a long time. About all you find around these parts is some stuff called Mexican Dirt Weed. Takes about half an oz to make a person hungry. I know that junk has fried my lungs because you got to bump it so much. I'm am still searching for the elusive two puffer wacked out all day variety we got back in the 80's. They called it Wise County Skunk. Now I bet some of that would blow your dress up.

  17. 1/8 used to last me 4-7 days lol
    just smoke a bit more
    less days

  18. Very true, on a tbreak right now. No smoking during the day and just one volcano bag before i go to sleep set to 384* for a nice realxing medical marijuana body high to help me sleep!

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