not geting high

Discussion in 'General' started by x_buds_x, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. i bought sum weed today and ive been smoking it and its haveing no effect on me, all its doin is buruning my throughta bit but not gewt high. could the bud be old or sumthing, the bud looks fine
  2. No bud will usually get better with age, to a point, how you smoking it and how much? Maybe some pics of it?
  3. hmmmm...u sure its weed? yea lets get a look at some pix.. :)
  4. Bud that is handled really aggressively or improperly stored can lose its potency over time by breaking off trichomes and degrading the content of THC through heat or light.
  5. How much do you smoke usually? If I get to smoking to much over a period of time my tolerance just goes up and all it does is make me hungry and tired. I have to stop for a few days to get it back down to actually get high again.

  6. Um I think you mean alcohol. Bud loses potency with age not a lot but a little. You can smoke bud that is 20 years old and still get high, but 20 years ago that bud was a lot better.
  7. By a point a meant curing for a few months or less.

  8. I'm pretty sure he just wanted to know if his bud is to old to get him high.
  9. I then assumed a dealer would not have bud lying around for more than a few months.

  10. Unless he sucked at dealing lol. IDK I smoked a 10 year old dank joint once and although it was not a dank high, I did get high.
  11. I think theres too many possibilities as to why, without more information everyone will just have to keep guessing.
  12. eh? I've been told the opposite.

  13. Like I said I rolled up a 8th of dank when I first moved into one of my apartments, smoked all but one joint. Stashed it in a a closet and forgot about it. 10 years later when I was moving out I found said joint. I smoked that bitch and got high. It was not a dank nugget high, but I was high. Kind a like a mids high.

    Now if you meant weed gets better as it gets older then you are just plain wrong. THC degrades slowly after time. Feel free to prove me wrong though. I am always in the pursuit of knowledge.

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