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  1. None of my seeds are germinating should I just plant them anyways.. or am I just fcked. They are bagseed.
  2. hey dude, what do they look like before u try to germ them, if their white,pale etc they are no good or if they easly crush between ur fingers, also how long are u giving em?
  3. A few questions.

    Do you smoke (tobbacco)

    did you soak them for 24 hours in a dark and warm area?

    As my dealers are my friends, I have heard of many of them microwaving there buds for about 10 seconds, granted this has little to mild effect on the THC in the bud itself, it kills almost all of the living organisms in the bud, this is not for your safety, rather the dealers job security.

    If every joe schmo could grow his own weed, from the seldom seed in the pot you sold them..why would they need you?
    Chances are (very low) that your dealer did in fact put his bud through a microwave session, but if he did..your fucked.

    HOWEVER! if you smoke, this means you have trace amounts of nicotine on your skin and fingers, this is like poison to the poor seeds.

    IF you did not soak them, simply try that once more rather than just saying fuck it.

    As far as the nicotine thing, you have a chance to save them...simply put them in fresh water, change the water out and if they're not germinating soon after they're dead.
  4. I had no idea nicotine would kill them. I've handled all of my seeds and have had 7/7 germinate so far. I'll probably watch it in the future.
  5. try doing this its worked many many times for me.

    1.shot glass
    2.good seeds
    3. warm water cup

    take ur shot glass fill up with warm water
    place 3-5 seeds in the water
    put a coffee cup over it for 24 ta 48 hours
    they should germ if u did it right.

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