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not fun, smoking....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. so guys, i've been getting pretty into weed. building bongs and peices is my hobby... althought my parents find it and kill me, so my friends drink smoke cigs, cigars, and are really into hookah... but they wont smoke weed... one had a bad experince his first time but they just are like wow.... and they're older brohers are chill as fuck, how can i get them to smoke with me??
  2. aha those kids sound like fags and id say fukum to be honest lol

    eventually they may get bored with what they do and step it up but as it is...baha:smoking:
  3. empty out a cig, fill 3/4 with weed. then put a little tobacco on top.then when one bums a cig hand it to them. they will smoke it an not notice the difference till there half way threw it. just be like oops wrong one.

  4. thats not a bad idea...
  5. tell your friends to man up and stop being pussies. weed is better for you than the shit hey are doing now. they have no reason not to dance with mary j
  6. Don't try to push weed onto your friends, If they want to smoke they will smoke.
  7. i know it just bothers me i feel like such a stoner when im with em
  8. theres nothing wrong with being a stoner
  9. As sean216 said, do not push them. You can still enjoy the wonder which is the mary jane without other people.
  10. really? i feel like a total loser when i smoke alone....
  11. lol yah i feel like a loser when i blaze alone too
    when i smoke i useally smoke wit my boyz, unless im at home and thier at home >.<
    but eh dont worry bout it. the solution is...........make new friends!! lol
    just as captain said weed is better than all tht tobacco and sht.
  12. no way dude thats a shame
    smoking alone has just as much value for me as smoking with friends.
  13. Watch a movie, listen to music. I don't have too many friends who smoke but they certainly enjoy watching me high haha. I like to read philosophical books. One thing I absolutely recommend is to go take a walk through some woods or something. I'm sure there's a thread on stuff to do alone, give it a search.

    Don't feel like a loser. Embrace it. Your negative thoughts to it probably contribute to the negative feelings.
  14. thanks dude..... your helpful... im definitly takin a walk
  15. Dont push them into doing it. I used to push other kids into smokign weed with me and that got really annoying for them. You can get high with them, and show them how much more fun it is compared to hookah/cigz/whatever.
  16. you're a fucking dick
    people like you are part of the reason why people dont like weed

    yea weed is the best drug, but if people dont wanna do it then dont force them.
  17. Its not nice to force people to smoke weed. With my drinking friends i got them to smoke becasue i showed them that if you smoke and drink it takes care of that hang over the next moring or sparking up a bowl when you havea a hang over now they smoke mostly and we drink on special occasions now.
  18. CitySmoker420,

    You just have to get over being worried about what other people think. I am not saying you should start going everwhere stoned smelling like you just sprayed on Mary J for men. Just understand that some people won't like it. Oh well. More for us!
  19. you do know they make MJ colougne and perfume right?
  20. I've heard but I've never seen it. It probably smells a lot like my shirts (Weed smoke + Axe). But seriously, you just have to be confident that you can conduct yourself in public when you're high and you'll be fine. I am a huge advocate of being high in public.

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