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  1. Ever find one of those really long grey hairs in a place you should have noticed before it got so long? SPILL.
  2. dont sweat the things you have no control over, just be thankful you can grow them grey or whatever, when the barber or wife starts chasing you with clippers and wants eye brow and ear hairs , your done for and offically labeled old gizzer hahaha
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  3. I’ll exit planet earth when/if my ears start sprouting hair, no natter the colour.
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  4. that aint the worst kid, ever hear of sagging balls? your in for a treat.
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  5. When the boys are dipped in the water when your trying to take a crap......
    Life just has little meaning.......
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  6. What about sagging boobs??? :D
    It's hard for women, growing old. Some men get older and then their libidos go nuts and then they have this fear of getting "old" bc old means "ugly" in this society. So a man and a woman are married for many years and then they get older. Her boobs start to sag, her face starts to fall, crow's feet, whatever. Some men age more "gracefully" then women. So this guy sees his wife changing with age and feels old and close to death. So he compensates by dumping his aging wife for a young woman.
    This is not everyone's story of course but I hear about it alot, especially about celebrities lol. Isn't Leonardo DiCaprio dating some young woman? Not that I know if he ever had a long term relationship ever anyway... but a lot of male "heartthrobs" in Hollywood seem to end up with young girls when they get older. I'm glad my husband and I are not celebrities but I'm also glad he doesn't have that hangup lol.
    I thought about trying to get cosmetic surgery but naaah. Too many risks it could all go wrong. I will never forget this picture of Meg Ryan I saw once. Damn! And those butt injections? No.
    Still on topic, my gray hair is becoming more pronounced. I dye it bc a lot of it is DARK gray, not silver, and I don't like how it looks lol. But hey, it's life! Embrace it! Just another stage. When I turn 65 I am going to let my gray go and walk around like Patti Smith with my hair long lol! Celebrate!!! :passtheshit:
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  7. girl why is all i can say, i love my girls gray hair , i also like to tease her of every thing sagging, but the table turns also hahahah.
    if that all it takes to lose a relationship , you didnt have one at all.
    my girl is losing her hair slowly to cancer, i told her as she cried one day id lick that head raw if she lost it all, and that made her smile and them dump days have been gone since, i didnt marry a body i married a heart and she has enough for both of us.
    im sure you and your man are the same way
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  8. Thank you OlShol, that is so kind and yes, my husband loves me just as I am...he got me a weed bikini for my birthday and he loves it on me as much as he loved me when I was younger. We'll be 26 years this year. :D
    That's a great thing you have with your girl. When you got real love, the rest is just gravy. Sorry to hear she has cancer though. My sister has that. Her treatments are working really well but she may have to start another med that will make her hair fall out .. but she's got a good hubby too and that does make a difference!!! The rest is personal strength. :)
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  9. we spent our 40th anniversary in the hospital and i dated her 4 years before hand, 44 years and i cant get a re fund , ive asked, her dang mama paid me a thousand bucks and gave me the mule , the money went quick , still got the mule and i mean mule hahahah
    ya my girl has internal melanoma and she been taking pills for 8 months, tumor was the size of a grapefruit and now is the size of a plum so it is working and the lord is on both of our sides , we cant go wrong .
    we found true love before marriage some thing that dont exsist any more it seems.
    if she take me 60 pounds heavier after heart surgery , i sure enough take her with saggy boobs and lovely gray hair, love watching her brush it too, call me weird
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  10. That's so cool! My husband's the same. I used to be very overweight. I hated how it looked on me but every time I started to feel down, he would come up behind me and kiss me, etc, lol and then he would ask me to wear string bikinis? He lives with bulimia/anorexia issues too so HE has to stay thin(in his mind) but his woman can be 500 pounds and he still finds me attractive. Well, I think I was 225 at my highest but I'm short so that makes a difference. He manages his issues fine now, all is well. It's nice to have someone who just loves all of you. :D. Well done!!!
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  11. Well I'm in reasonably good shape except for my one neuro-muscular issue, bald with some white hair, but I don't have a single wrinkle on my face. My late mother died at 79 and didn't have any wrinkles at all. Good genes I guess. My favorite is when women say on their dating profiles that they want a real man who will just love them for who them are. Then they color their hair, wear a ton of makeup, get botox or plastic surgery and filter their photos so much they don't look anything like them in real life... Just accept aging as part of life, don't like yourself? Change what you can, lose weight, color your hair if you want, but don't claim to be 'natural'...
  12. How about guys with toupees? I could easily wear 1 but the thought never interested me.

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