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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DeathHund, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. yeah that's scary stuff...:smoking:
  2. Should've known I'd see you here. Heheh. Sup bendorama
  3. It can't be that ba -Hnngh
  4. [ame=]Jump You Fuckers - YouTube[/ame]
  5. how does this shit not make Americans question the idiots we've stupidly put in charge? its fuckin revolting, i mean shit most of us are 18-35 i think, we have/will have to raise our kids in an even worse situation.
    but i guess we have a huge amount of retarded douchebags who could care less

    but wtf do i know
  6. nearly 14 million unemployed:eek:

  7. I think most Americans do question the idiots in charge. It's clear that the country is waking up to the crap that is bolstered upon us everyday by these nobodies lining their pockets through corporate interests and the systematic destruction of the middle class.

    Thing is, Americans do not know how to revolt. We are reared on patriotism. Stand for the pledge, stand for the national anthem, stand when the President enters a room, stand for the military, etc. Since we were kids we have been taught that the people "in charge" deserve our utmost respect and support. When we learn about the American Revolution in history classes we tend to ignore some very important facts. This is done to raise a generation of people who are against insurrection in any form.

    Thank G-d for independent media nowadays though. People are taking notice, and people are getting fed up.

    Revolutions do not happen overnight. They do not happen as a result of a few bad economic years. You have to remember that our economy was pretty good before 2001. That's not that long ago. The people have not had enough time to be fed up, nor have they had enough time to organize and amass power against the state.
  8. That's it. I'm moving to Australia.

  9. you sure you altercated yourself enough with this topic? :confused:
  10. Are YOU sure you know what the word "altercate" means? The way you use it in that sentence makes absolutely no sense.

    And to nathann, I'm not sure that enough people will become "fed up" anytime in the near future. Only when things really start getting ridiculous will they actually become concerned. As of now, the majority of americans are content with their lives as they live comfortably through continuously advancing technology. Let's turn the clock back 200 years. If there were no computers, cars, televisions, electricity, etc but everything else was the same, don't you think more people would have a problem with the current situation?
  11. and again im failing in an discussion due to my lack of english vocabular fuuuuu
    fucking online dictionaries :(

    i meant: "you sure you spend enough time learning and thinking abou that topic", because the only people i know that talk like that are people that dont know shit about how things work, but before i say more that people dont understand i shut the fuck up

  12. bump. More people need to see this.

  13. That's exactly right. Americans are contempt to not care about what bullshit the federal government is doing to people because they have their Television, facebook, Youtube, and movies. Granted I watch some (emphasis on some) TV and use facebook, but I also read a crap load of books and ignore the MSM through the internets. Sadly, the majority of Americans don't care what the president does, or the overall government for that matter, just look at the Patriot Act! IMO, I think if our country keeps going down the path we are heading now, riots and big changes will start with our generation IF the majority learn that they are being lied to. The older generations are to "stuck in their ways" to change their opinions on MSM, federal government, etc. They did not grow up with the vast amount of information that we have at our finger tips today.
  14. Who gives a fuck? There will always be a debt, and it does not matter the amount. Life goes on the same no matter what...the national debt is some abstract concept that doesn't matter. It doesn't affect anything.

  15. Maybe, until it's time to pay up.
  16. Lol why is the debt dropping by 10k a second, wtf is going on here

  17. Because the numbers are probably incorrect.
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    lol yea, actually, even at the rate its dropping we would only be gaining 312,360,000,000 a year, thats still like.... 50 years before it would be out of debt lol 312.3 billion a year out of 14.9 trillion

    EDIT: sorry, that 14.9 was the wrong figure, its like 50 trillion, and would hence take like......... 225 years to get out of at that rate..... wow hahahahahaha
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