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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by froggy, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. so i have this blueberry/northernlights cross.

    the strangest thing has happened.

    i only got 2 seeds to germ. and they grew till about 2feet hi.

    so i put them into the flowering table...over 2 months ago now and NUTHIN.

    very strange. i have a bubblegum plant right next to it that is on the same time and its doing great. its about 1/2 done and starting to get some nice crystals on it but the nl/bb cross...nuthing.

    both of the plants are just growing and growing. im starting to get a little pissed cuz its obvious that im gonna have to move my lights around ect to acct for the largeness of the plants. i have topped them yet again (3rd time) because they were just too large.

    and the kicker of it is...i dont even know if they are male or female yet.

    anyone run into this...its very strange.
  2. i had some NL#5 seeds, some of them looked a lil small and green but i planted them all anyway. the last few took ages to come up and 1 of them only had 1 small round leaf and that was it. i let it grow anyway and after a few days the spiky leaves came through. then when the next set came up it was jut 1 again, then 2, then 1 then 2 then atlast 2 again!

    when i put them in2 flower and 3 of my plants didnt show sex after 4weeks i trashed them. no gud to me as i was growin to get mothers. i just put it down to the seeds being immiture.

    its gotta happen now and then, some flowers get polonated after the others but to count out ten seeds and put them lil runts in was a bit low. didnt buy from them again.

    if i had to guess wot happend to ur seeds id say the plant was harvested a bit to early. was the seeds nice big fat 1s like nl and nl x's normaly r?
  3. nah they wernt the best looking fat seeds but they were ok.

    also...that really doesnt matter about the age of the mother/father. genetics is genetics is genetics. 10 days or 10 years old.

    my real guess is that they need just more time...they are really growing like a weed under 12/12 HPS. but certainly is strange. very dissapointed. i dont even know if they a mommy or daddy.

    frankly the smoke better be good or im gonna be pissed that i wasted time/space
  4. High froggy,
    It may be that the NL needs more dark, like 14 hours. Also make sure there is no light leaking in, even the tiniest ray striking the plant can confuse some of the more hybrid delicacies.
    Grow in peace, my growbro. Earth girl wishes you the best and finest Kind.

  5. i ment they mite of only been 6weeks into flowering insted of 8. breeding seeds is a bussness and if they was being pushed to get the order out......?

    earth girl.
    iv had nl flower on 14hrs of light and 10 dark b4 now, dont know if that was a fluke but ur right about them needing really dark darkness. i had a extenton lead with a small red light on it to show that the power was on in my grow and it stoped the plant next to it from flowering even tho i had a bit of tape over it.
  6. aghh i have that same problem with the clones i took from a re-vegged plant.......i only get one leaf and it's deformed, then the next set is fine....then it goes again.......pain in the ass, but i'm just gonna flower them anyway, and see how things go, that'll teach me to take clones from a for yours not flowering right, may it be possible that the seeds were created from a re-veg that was flowered and then they look normal, or a little weird......?...........Peace out..........Sid
  7. thats normal with a re'vegd sid, dont worry bout it. if ur gonna clone it again tho try and do it b4 u flower it, ur clones will b more vigarous.
  8. yeah i'm gonna do that with the blueberry's, hey barnaby, what is the shelf life of seeds kept in a fridge......just wondering how long i've got, you know if i'm gonna grow 2 and just clone from them all the time.....just don't want to waste the remaining 8 seeds if possible..........Peace out........Sid
  9. Hey growbros,
    Some of my best plants have come from revegged plants. They make excellent mothers, especially if you clone by air or ground layering. The leaves are not deformed. They are immature flowers reverting back to leaves. Healthy seeds can still be viable after a couple of years in an airtight filmcan. With refridgeration, it could be 2-3 times that long.
    Earth girl has been there and done that...
  10. yeah i see the small leaves doing that, but the big fan leaves are just, well lets say they don't look like a mj plant, some only have one big leaf, some 2, others 3........but i know what your saying, after a while the new growth will revert back to being normal?...........Peace out..........Sid
  11. i have to say that i do not believe that the plants genes are changed if u reveg.
    just dont see how that can be a factor to maturity of offspring.

    and i am in the process of reveg'in a plant that i hope to use as a mama...has worked before but this time im gonna be serious about it.

    fyi...that plant DID finally start to flower but still weak # of hairs so far.
  12. sidious
    like earth girl says 4 year old seeds if kept right will still b good, the fridge and BLACK film can is wot i use aswell. i must have about 30seeds of 6 difrant types in there at the mo. i try to save a few seeds from all the 1s i get and when i get a hankering for that smoke i had last summer or i cant deside wot to grow, out come the little pots. either the top shelf of the door or that plastic box thing wher u put ur lettice seems to be the best places, try not to get them near anywhere that gets icey, if they freeze then the cells get damaged.

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