Not Flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Thisisbarrrt, May 20, 2013.

  1. I've been on this grow for about ten weeks.
    The strain is unknown. not sure which traits are more dominate..
    However i cannot get it to flower, perhaps the LST screwed with it. Or.. its just not ready
    Ours been on 12/12 since a seedling. I have tried a whole 24 darkness with no pistills.
  2. You have been flowering it for 10 weeks and it's not flowering?
  3. Post some pics if you can.
  4. if it's been on 12/12 from seed then it takes 2-3 times longer to reach maturity, imo. are the nodes staggered or still side by side. just let it do it's thing. that's the reason u wanna go 18/6 or 24/0 before flipping to 12/12. I wouldn't change it now, just ride it out.
  5. Remember to ensure a healthy flip from veg to flower you should make the room completely light proof for the 12 hours of darkness. No LEDs, no porch lights, sensor light interuption, etc. Pitch black for 12 hours.

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