Not flowering after 3 weeks since flip???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by AceUpMySleve, Mar 18, 2023.

  1. So title says it all? Been almost 3 weeks since I flipped these and I can’t seem to see any budding ??

    I flipped them with 3 days of dark from a 24/7 light cycle

    they are extremely healthy plants no signs of anything

    (Check pics below I just took them before posting)

    What’s the deal!!!

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  2. Any possible light leaks?
    And I don't think you should do 3 days of dark, that must stress the plants. (and thats bro science for sure)
    you running 12/12?
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  3. are they female wheres a close up of the pistils? could be male cant tell from these pics

  4. No they are all feminized seeds guys

  5. No possible light leaks not even a little bit I have a specially designed room

  6. Yes I’m running 12:12

    I’ve always done 3 days of dArkness I’ve never had stressed plants in my lifeee I’ve done well over 50 runs of 12 plants each time and always done 24/7 light cycles and 3 days of darkness never once have I had a problem with flowering or stretching or stressing
  7. Ultimately it is what it is. WAIT. I had a similar thing with clones of clones taking twice as long to flower (but they did eventually). Too crowded? not enough air/co2? And the 3 days of darkness thing, I only did that when about to harvest???
  8. because I run a 24/7 light cycle and have had trouble getting budding to come from flipping direct to 12/12 I’ve always done this to induce flowering and signal the plant to produce the hormone required that only darkness signals to do,

    I’ve never done it at flower end ! Funny hahah but to each his own,

    most grows may not need to not running 24/7 light cycle but I like to do this and I’ve had amazing results,

    These are also clones so this makes sense ! Thanks for the support
  9. "AMAZING RESULTS" Keep doing what U R doing. You asked, don't get pissy when people try to help YOU. :thumbsdown:
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  10. well as long as they dont show balls just wait it out
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  11. Correct

    I’ve already decided waiting it out after your input on this happening to you before with clones

    it’s some minute details such as these I look for when seeking peace of mind after showering the internet for solutions on similar situations

    I appreciate all inputs just all please do keep in mind I’ve had generally nothing but success so when I see issues rise about it’s quite frustrating since I tailor each variable and aspect of my grows from PPM to PAR to PH ( ofc ) to each strain down to their habitats required and find multiple or vague solutions on the internet I come here for a more tailored approach on specifics and I find some responses to be almost downright sarcastic in their simplicity at times and granted with the frustration added and me being a type a personality with type a approach I try to be polite and joking almost when I even do get frustrated
  12. I've had sativa leaning hybrids take 3-4 weeks to set flower. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. I try to follow nature's cues when switching to my flowering cycle. I have never tried a 3 day dark period. But, if it works for you that's great.
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  13. Thanks a bunch for the peace of mind I hadn’t also consider besides them being clones this is mimosa evo from Barney’s farm!! She’s a straight up sativa !!!

    Thanks a bunch for the peace of mind and helpful response
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  14. ive always put my plants in to 3 days of darkness for years now before 12/12,,never had any trouble with them flowering some strains like TimJ has stated like sativas can take a bit longer ,,your plants look good ,,,you said you plants were from femmed seeds so they should be ok ,as long as you got them from a decent seed maker .....mac
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  15. You're welcome @AceUpMySleve. I know @Jay_R_1787 just finished a mimosa evo from Barney’s farm. I believe he has run it several times. Maybe he'll chime in and offer some insight.
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  16. AGREE, I never heard of it being dark outside for 72 hours straight during transition time from veg - flower, which here would be in july?
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  17. I'd agree. But, when we grow indoors we change many of the variables to better suit our plants life cycle. Some people believe a long dark period will speed up the transition of a sativa dominant strain. I grow mostly indica leaning hybrids. So, I haven't seen the need to alter the dark period.
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  19. Well put, some people believe.

    Acording to Dr. Bruce Bugbee, these methods aren't beneficial, when they aren't maleficial.
    Just let nature do its thing, just because you did this for years and worked, doesn't mean it is good.

    3 days of dark before harvest is also "proven" to be bad, reducing overall terps, but waiting 12 hours of dark may be good.(it's a basic test done by a youtuber, not gonna enter much into it, I just do it because the plants are in the dark for 12 hours already, so...)

    Well, you do you, you could try 10 hours of light to not stress them. As what you call "signaling to produce hormones" is actually happening all the time, but specially at night. AND, as you may now, there is aways a point of diminishing returns, if not the other way around.

    That's my piece of knowledge.
    Good growin bro.
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  20. There is a lot of misinformation on the web. Use this link when asking your question.
    Google Scholar.
    Or search by adding .edu after your question. Look for accredited articles.
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