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not feeling so well

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tralalala, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I have been smoking for about a year now and I normally smoke dro and lately I have been feeling a little more crazy when smoking, I randomly shake, my stomach is killing me all the time, I constantly feel like vomitting and sometimes I do. I haven't even been my normal lively self because of this. But the biggest part is I can't take a shit. My friend said its called loosening your load but I still don't know what it means and I dont know what to do... am I a dumb ass or just missing something.
  2. I would go see a gastroenterologists and get your shit checked out...... sounds like something that isnt weed related to me
  3. ok let me help you out then, first off weed isn't called dro.. Dro is short for Hydro which in turn is HydroPonics growing system so you need to get your REAL Name of the weed your smoking NOW and check it out

    secondly stomach killing you happens to me when im empty stomach hungry zooted or not.. hurts alot. feel like vomitting.. you swallow the smoke when you inhake? Stop. your throat can inhale or swallow, inhale only.. randomly shake? Me too, Energetic Sativa Strains. you cant shit? Constipated what have you been eating?

    My problem with MJ so far is energetic strains of bud.. if i smoke to much i might catch a panic attack at least that's my conclusion so far.. the lately part is what counts too.. "Lately" as of late the different bud, could be moldy could be old could be dried cured wrong could be premature ..
  4. Lol drew, he meant dro as in good weed, not a specific strain, its a common use in lots of places.

    Dank also doesnt describe weed, its slang man

    Chronic, also slang, wait, so is weed.... pot... bud....

  5. Uhh, this probably isn't weed.

    How have your dietary and general-health habits been, is the real question...

    Plus yeah, Sirsog's advice... Go see a doctor if you're really concerned...

  6. I know bruh I just wanted clarity on the strain..
  7. Butt plug is the key.

  8. Yea, chances are its more than 1 strain lol...

    and that this issue is unrelated to weed
  9. Well I smoke a pack a day, I don't really eat the greatest either, I don't feel like eating most of the time, but that's due to stress and anxiety, which the weed helps with. I'm a 23 year old male and I don't eat more than 2000 calories a day, I eat alot of fast food (full time college student with a full time job) but I eat salads every other day (at least I try) I also avoid eating high carb meals. Since I started smoking weed and cigs(again) I have lost about 40 lbs in about 8 months.
  10. well there u go numb nuts, you are doing it wrong!!!!! stop the cigarettes that's main reason of your body withdrawl's the shaking .. also alot of fast food? you do know there's places that have healthy food or decent food already made. so fast isnt an excuse.. 2000 calories that's almost a healthy day.. Stress and anxiety? I think i have anxiety but I've mastered stress. Stress is human induced, I don't seem to be stressed unless I think of the "fail" that's around me or Dumbshit that doesn't matter. If you aren't dying, living in the street or out of weed there's no need to be stressed, Time goes on and all you can do is GO WITH THE FLOW because no matter what. your going with the flow ANYWAY. High carb meals? highly doubtful with "fastfoods" but serious note man.. Eat healthier it's not hard, quit cigarettes they KILL YOU and if your a blunty like me quit blunt wraps for a month so your body can get rid of all the tobacco chems from the cig.
  11. Idk guys... I smoke a lot of herb and have trouble with bowel movements, too. Maybe it is weed related.
  12. Going off of what Drew said, just remember.... Life's All Good. haha
  13. Maybe you should get that checked out...
  14. I was constipated once

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