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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Knucks, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. I was flipping through the new High Times issue and there was an ad for some site that sells shroom kits (page 92 if you care). Went to the site and it looked strangely familiar.

    It's not an EXACT rip of GrassCity, but close enough. They did a really shitty job tho.

    I did look to see where they are based, so I don't know exactly what you can do. If you are even going to do anything.

    Damn I'm bored.


    Damn i'm stupid/stoned. Heres the website[noted with thanks friend]critter :D
  2. that definatly is a copy, and it looks like a horrible rip-off to any customers. I would be suprised if anyone actually ordered from there, broken links, mismatched tables, and horrible scripting.
  3. Woooahh...

    Grass city wouldn't happen to own that, would they???
    It's even got the Grass City FAQs on the pipes...

  4. We do not own that, we are in the proicess of investigation who this fuck is, and we will sue his ass of.
    here is his info SPAm him at will!
    campbell, victor
    suite 296 7231 120th st
    delta, British Columbia V4C 6P4
    604 619 9200

    if anyone of you can help me getting this guy, all your help is aprecaited!


    I also called hightimes and called the editor, a good friend of the city, he was ripped of by these people, this add will never return in hightimes again!

  5. I like your style, SJ...

    Teach the bastard he can't rip off your city!!!

  6. You know I'm always more than willing to lend a hand with anything technical. :) Thanks for posting his info. I think it's going to be safe to say that he'll think long and hard before trying to pull any of this kind of shit again!! Can't post the details for security reasons, but you'll know friend. :)........edit critter.....just blame critter for post interferance ,lol. Thanks mate,:D
  7. Consider him SPAMMED!

  8. you guys rock, glad your are my friends and not my enemies ;-)


  9. Great eye, Knucks!!!

    You can always count on us, Super J!!! Consider him spammed! (If there is anything else that I can do, let me know!)
  10. SPAMMED! 50000 outta do the trick! don't you just love the programs you can get w/ IRC?

    so how is the sueing going?
  11. I checked back there just recently and it looks like the guy's still working on his site...
    Some of the pics are starting to load now and he's got some items up for sale...

    They kinda look like stuff from Grass City...

    Perhaps we're not spamming hard enough...

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