not even the worst LSD trip ive had could compare to this experience

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    what up guys, im luke. i just joined grasscity because i was looking for online forums that i can share a story with you that i experienced last night. im hoping no one has to live this horrible satanic memory i experienced. im simply trying to change the minds of some and save the lives of more. now ive done acid about 7 times, my first time i took three tabs, so i know what shit your brain can come up with to scare the piss out of you. but what happend last night was the most life changing, mind alterting experience i've ever, and plan to ever have. lets start from the beginning.

    it was 2:00pm, my mom had just left to pick my sister up from her friends house. now im living in a suburban type of neighborhood so it's not to populated but easy to find a good dealer and get the hook-up. and know that i've been on house arrest and probation for a while now so its been a challenge to be sneaky when it comes to getting fucked up. anyways i was home alone and i thought this was the most perfect opportunity to score something to set me right for the night. now remember im on probation and i have a monthly test going on here (which will be wednesday, or tomorrow). so i knew i couldnt smoke any bud. but i thought to myself about tripping dxm again, which i love doing by the way, but i decided to go all out. i bought a few hydrocodones, and 32 delicous tripple c's. now some of you may say how shitty only 32 may be, or that you've done over 50 and lived to tell the story. but i shit you not if for your third time tripping coricidin and mixing hydrocodone along with redosing your doses between hour checkpoints, you will not come back normal, or you will have the trip of a lifetime. i had only taken up to 16 before this trip so this one this one i was preparing to enter was going to set me at plateau 4, better know was plateau sigma (stongest dxm level to trip on, highly lethal, and without a doubt nothing to under estimate or even fuck around with), according to the calculations. now this is every dex-headed persons dream to reach, but not die or permanently be screwed from. and if any of you who are reading this dont know the plateaus of tripping dxm, they're basically levels that you reach that describe what kind of trip you're having at one specific point. here's a page.


    DXM has notably different effects at different dosage levels. There are 4 distinctive levels, and we call these levels "plateaus". Most recreational use happens during the first and second plateau. Doses are measured in mg/kg or milligrams per kilogram. So to find your dosage take your weight in kg (pounds divided by 2.2), and then divide it by how many total milligrams your taking. It is hard to describe how any of these plateaus feel, because DXM is one of those things you have to experience to know.

    • 1st Plateau: 1.5-2.5 mg/kg This is the weakest level. This feels slightly intoxicating, a little light headed. Some music euphoria is noticable

    • 2nd Plateau: 2.5-7.5 mg/kg This level is often compared to being stoned and drunk at the sametime. When this might seem true, there is also a noticably strong "mental" high also. You can have trouble talking with slurring, and can have a hard time carrying on an indepth conversation, because your short-term memory can be temporarily impared. And occasionally you can have mild hallucinations.

    • 3rd Plateau: 7.5-15 mg/kg This level has strong intoxications and hallucinations. Things can become very confusing as your thinking processes are disturbed. You can sometimes daze-off into your own world, and get lost in your own mind. Trips in this plateau can sometimes be unpleasant.

    • 4th Plateau: +15 mg/kg This is the strongest level. This is a sub-anesthetic dose, and can be compared to a high dose of Ketamine. Your mind and body become seperated at this level and it can become dangerous psychologically, and physically. Personally I say that you should never have to go this high, it can be very dangerous. But whatever you do, NEVER go past 20 mg/kg (about 2000mg for a 220lb person), this can become very toxic and kill you.

    so i crushed my beautiful hydrocodone pills and took about 7 fatty lines to the dome in a matter of 5 minutes. im fucked already. i downed 16 coricidin, waited an hour and didnt feel shit. so i downed another 16. by now im chillin in my downstairs with my mom and older sister, watching a movie. i began to think my tolorence for dxm was sky high even though i hadnt tripped in about a month or so. i wasnt expecting much anyway. but low and behold. that shit hit me like a fuckin train. i remember bringing my head up as the movie was ending and it struck. my life was about to begin for what i call now the worst night of my life, and trip to hell.

    im tripping balls, but its nothing new, ive been this high on dxm before. just your regular 'spins', dizziness, minor hullicinations and zombie like figure. entering plateau two. i checked the mirror, slight pupil diolation. an hour passes by, im on the verge of passing out but dont want to waste a trip. the re-doses have kicked in, -now entering plateau three-, im hullicinating the most psychedlic and lucid images, nothing what the normal sober mind can inturrpret. i call my friend and talk on the phone, struggling to pass time and stay awake. things begin to twist, turn, and morph into differnt objects or creatures. i actually remember one point where i stood in my room, walking in circles, having hullicinations of myself walking in the middle of the ocean, on a rainbow enchanted sunny afternoon. with light rays piercing the water making delightful reflections of what looked like thousands of diamonds dancing as the tides shifted. it was the most amazing thing yet curious that anyone could ever experience. i hang up and pass out

    in my sleep ive now started to peak -about 3 1/2 hours after first dose, 2 1/2 after the re-dose. my mom struggles to wake me up, she yells and shakes me, im breathing about 3-4 breaths a minute. my heart rate is extremely high, about 160 (doubled of which a sober persons should be). im now thinking im in a trance of a very lifelike dream, reailty becomes fantasy as im thinking im tripping so hard in my sleep that i control what goes on, i remember holding my hand up, making a noise from my mouth of what would be 'pssss' and mist rose in a very colorful fashion. my trip begins to go opposite. i stand from my bed, i hear my moms voice but cant respond, i want to so badly, but i just cant. at this dose of dextromethorphan (about 960mgs) your brain is in total disfunction, you can't determine what is, and is not real. confusion sets in. you can compare this to an intense acid trip. i open my door and 7 police officers are standing around. (this wasnt a hullicination), my mom had called 911.

    she escorts me to her room to lay me down as im interrogated. they ask me what seemed as if hundreds of questions. im hopping in and out of reality, understanding what they're asking, then hearing only jiberish and seeing only horrible things, my moms head turned into what i would say looked like a teridactals. this scared the piss out of me, i figured i was in some sort of bad-tripped sick nightmare. everyone around me began to transform, the police became demons cloaked in black. i was sitting down, eyes wandering, and with beat red skin. there was a mirror in front of me that took up about half of my mothers wall in her room, i stared into it. seeing myself. pupils are at full diolation. my mind is completely blown. i realize this is to intense to be any dream, i can feel, see, hear, touch, and smell everything. i begin to panic. the police have now raided my room and found my stash of bud that i couldnt smoke. they decided to let me off and just tell my PO about it.

    ive now been taken out of my moms room, and carried down to the ambulance. the guys were really cool. as im hopping in and out of whats real and my little horrifying dreamworld they begin to question me as well. they kept telling me 'where not the cops, just tell us what you're on', i finally give a reply. ....coricidin.... i then hear an 'OH FUCK'. i escape this universe and hop into my other once again. and again seeing very dark colors. dark trippy designs and dark figures roaming around. you may think of how can a design or image inturpreted from the mind under the influence and in a trip state be dark, yet trippy and not enjoyable. but thats just how intense this experience has progressed to. everything reminded me of death, hell, and horrible thoughts. im in the hospitol, if you've ever been in a hospitol tripping you will know its the last place you'd want to be. very very weird. i enter the elevator. im now having this sinsation of falling, and falling, and more falling. like the feeling of your stomach dropping when you go upside down on a rollarcoaster. yet this felt through my whole body. kind of like a morphine high. the elevator doors opened. flames began to consume the small elevator room, as they withered away. i saw the plains of hell. right before my eyes. i was being taken on a rolling platform, thinking what were nurses were actually demons taking me to satan. now ive always been agnostic and somewhat athietst. but christianty and the beliefs for some reason played a huge roll in this trip. anyways i shut my eyes. couldnt escape from the terrible sights. which now that i think of it were probably worse when i had my eyes shut. shoulda known....

    ive entered my room i would stay in for the next 18 hours. alone with my mother. im beginning to come down. ive probably entered back into third plateau by now. it's 1:00am. after a few more questions asked by doctors and nurses, i finally tell them i had taken 32 coricidin and some hydrocodone. it was too late to call poison control on me, they ran blood tests and the huge amount of tylonal had mostly passed through me. my eyes begin to slowly roll back and shut. i wake back up at 8:00am strung out and clueless. i struggle to remember how im there and what happend the previous night. it took some hard thinking and explaining along with some story telling from my mom. i never intend to have another experience like this again. it scared me shitless and will effect me for the rest of my life. i dont know if it was the mixing of the drugs, or that i had just not ever gone over 500mgs of dxm and ive now taken almost 1000. dxm can be one hell of a drug and experience if done properly. just be careful
  2. You know the plateau break downs but you don't know how incredibly retarded it is to try to trip on Coricidin?

    For shame, man
  3. Holy shit.
    Makes me never want to do any type of psychedelic ever again.
    I'm sorry about this...but you should not have been so fucking stupid
  4. i know its horrible for your stomach, liver, and your brain if abused. but then again, what drug doesnt affect the body in some way. i was experimenting a bit and have learned much from it.

    happy tripping to all
  5. thats crazy. and was pretty stupid rofl why would u even take that much..
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    I hope you don't mean you railed hydrocodone/aceteminophen because that is a silly thing to do. Just parachute them, hell, just take em like they are, no need to snort water insoluble tylenol.

    All of this besides that fact CCC's are a no-no for trippin with...
  7. Great story, good read. I'm sorry you went through that, I've had a similar experience before and it really changed my perception on substances.
  8. snorted the hydrocodone, popped the 32 coricidin
  9. lol

    typing that much @ 3rd plateau? :rolleyes:
  10. wow, is this serious?

    Pretty sure this is anti-drug propaganda.
  11. That's funny.
  12. can't you tell fromt he general plot of the story that this kid doesn't have a clue as to what he was doing? live and let live.

  13. sadly enough this is the most serious thing thats ever happend in my life
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  14. yeah, it would be mine too if that happened to me. :rolleyes:

    I hope you learned your lesson kid.
  15. how much do you weigh? i want to see the mg/lb
    the poor guy almost died. granted, it was stupid, but we all fuck up now and then.
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    note that it can be very inaccurate when it comes to calculating because it cannot distribute ones tolorence of the drug along with the final number outcome of dxm to be used. so lets say my tolorence is somewhat low. i'm 15 years old, 5'6" and weigh 143, athletic. so that should be around beginning of a plateau 4, in this case may be around 950ish mgs. i was at rougly 960mgs. god only knows what would have happend if i was at rock bottom of this plateau (1000 and up).

    oh and 1 coricidin=30mg, so 32x30=960mgs in all, along with the opium from the hydrocodone to do nothing but intensify the feeling
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    see ya around, in three years...

    edit- i rounded down for you on weight, and you still only had 7mg/lb.

  19. are you calling me out?

    and your calculations are wrong, heres a page that i got information on and also has a calculator for you....

    ive tripped dxm many times and never experienced this plateau, most of mine were from the third. i noticed a huge differnce in this specific trip.

    dont call me out on my shit.
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    alright, i'll walk you through the math that i did on the calculator on my own computer.


    960/140, which is 6.8571428571428571428571429 per pound. that is a mid level third plateau dose.

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