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Not even enjoying it anymore?? Please help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GVOG, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hey whats up ive been smoking on and off for about a year now and when i first started i loved it. then after awhile my mind would start rushing with these crazy thoughts and id look at whoever i was with and think "this person is a loser with no future" and hella judge them, then do the same to myself, then to the whole world, if that makes sense. It would become so intense id be insanely nervous and not pay attention to my situation and miss tons of fun stuff and not enjoy my high at all.

    Because of this I quit for like 5 months.

    I started again like 4-5 months ago and enjoyed it but still had those judging thoughts in that back of my head, but never too bad, then it would start happening really badly again and this past weekend, it happened so bad i felt sick.

    The feelings are weird, I just think how life in general is so awkward and so delicate and how risky and weird it is doing simple things like driving a car lol. I also start thinking of conversations i had and thinking how dumb i sounded. I also judge relationships I have with others and how others interact with each other.

    Sorry if that made no sense lol its hard to describe, but i would really like any advice, I really want to enjoy smoking like i used to :(
  2. Sounds like your problems stem from your inner insecurities.

    Life is a risk, but that's its beauty. You can die while driving
    your car but you can also die while drinking water.

    Stop letting your mind talk to you about what ifs - and just act.

    Your friend's lives look bleak and you end up connecting it back
    to yourself. Why? Once you answer that question, you find the
  3. Maybe when tokin' you just are deeper in thought, which can lead to questions on life in general. Try to concentrate more on what you can enjoy, like music, dancing, girls (sometimes being a lil' loose can free any inhibitions:D)

    Tastes of great,and sometimes very odd foods:D

    Beauty in nature, chillin' Blazed outdoors is a way of life for me. Helps ease chronic pain, and great for the soul:)

    If you truly continue to feel that uncomfortable, and can't find the joy, you should quit. It's really not for everybody, nothing in this world is:(

    Peace in whatever life brings you Brother Blade:smoking:
  4. Ya the thing is im not worried about risks, they just rush into my head. I wouldn't be surprised if its from my insecurities.

    here is another example, even though its gonna sound hella weird lol, it might help make more sense. my friend threw on this stupid cartoon called chowder thats on cartoon network and everyone was laughing at it. [ame=]YouTube - Thrice Cream Man Music Video- Chowder[/ame]

    thats the episode that was watched, you can watch the whole episode on other sites but thats just a clip to give you an idea. Everyone was laughing but all i could think of was how it represented the ice cream dude being a pedophile and molesting the little cat thing or whatever and it just creeped me out and made me feel sick.

    Im sure that sound hella weird but that is the kind of stuff i think of. ill try your advice, but maybe youre right and smoking isnt for me :(

    thanks for your help so far though.
  5. Whether stoned or not it's easy to think about the dark side of life at times, under various stimuli. Sometimes when I'm watching stuff like South park, or Family Guy, and the Hundreds of other shows, movies and even songs that "cross the line" I wonder WTF i'm thinkin' and how sick this world can be. But we really have come to a time when shock value is really the only thing that sells. We seem to have become bored so easily it leads to sometimes outrageous thoughts and acts. Guess that's why I just like to find a cool outdoor place to Blaze and chill, enjoy life:smoking:

    Best wishes
  6. theres a good and bad side to everything but you can only think about one of them at a time.

    try to find the positive in everything, it is always there even if you have to search for it

    over time you will just be doing this naturally and your life and highs will be alot better, the ganja is just amplifying your thoughts, try to amplify the good not bad.
  7. #7 Chillinz, May 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2010
    i get you man, i took a break for like 5 months or so, i got pretty bad with my "crazy thoughts". weed can make you paranoid, its one of the side effects...pros and cons as somone said. paranoia can make you lose perspective on things, like taking things people say too serious, or make little things seem worse than they are, or just paralyze you.
    i have a few things i just run by my head if things get bad or i get in stuck in that paralyzed, aggrovated, judgemental mood thing you're talking about. i just say stuff to myself in my head like: "Ignorance is bliss" "fuck em cuz im high" "walk like noones watching", etc. it kinda helps me get back in the zone when i get "knocked off balance". sometimes all it takes is just something to get you out of that bad zone.

    But as some of the people above me said, little details, little things, that most people ignore on a day to day are some of the best....
    A few of my favorites:
    = the way the car seat feels on your back driving around
    = sound effects in music
    = warmth of the sun
    = city lights
    = music lyrics (stuff i can connect to or find meaning in really does me a good one)

    in short find the little things you enjoy, and get lost in them. Like i love drumming, i blaze up, and go play my drums and get completely lost grooving and banging around my set.

    or maybe try just once a week or something if you cant seem to find out whats bothering you, sounds to me like its something that effects you normally, but you notice it alot more because of the stimulation you get from weed.

    i wish you peace bro
  8. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but maybe you should try shrooms, maybe unlock your mind a bit so you can see why. But don't trip if you aren't psychologically ready.
  9. What you're experiencing may not be all that bad. Everyone, at some point or another, questions their current situation. That is what makes us improve our circumstances.
  10. ok seriously, don't try shrooms if u already get those feelings from weed cause it will fuck your day up.

    You have to find a sort of comfortability when it comes to smoking, Only smoke when u know u have nothing else to do like schoolwork or job obligations etc. Its much more enjoyable when you set yourself in vacation mode. try not to let societies outlook on bud distort or corrupt your ability to enjoy yourself in whatever way you want.

    happy tokin' brah.:smoking:
  11. If you don't enjoy it don't smoke :confused_2:

    As for your feelings...just because someone smokes doesn't mean they are a loser. Hell I've grown and smoked for 30 years and I've had a very successful life.

    Then there are guys like Thomas Jefferson (wrote about how to grow sinsemillia), Carl Sagan, etc.

    Smoking the herb doens't make someone a loser. The choices they make determine that.

  12. Haha, fo shizzle man, drumming while high is pure bliss. And to the OP, it's pretty much already been said, but your problem seems to be one of set and setting. You shouldn't blaze unless you're in a positive, peaceful mindset and a setting you feel very comfortable in. If you're not in a good frame of mind or a secure place, smoking is likely to make you feel paranoid and could make your thoughts race as you described. In the right setting, though, it can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences you'll ever have. Good luck and happy toking. :smoking:
  13. You are named after one of my favorite songs. I even went to Bangkok because of it...well and because of the hot Asian chicks and the good bud, back in the 80's.

    Alex Lifeson is the reason I started playing guitar.

    [ame=]YouTube - Rush A Passage to Bangkok[/ame]

  14. Whoa, OSG, I never knew you were a guitarist or a Rush fan! I would give you rep for that, but I don't think it would do much good! :p

    Yeah, Neil Peart is the reason I started playing drums, and Rush songs are still my favorites to play. As for my username, I tried several other ones when I was registering, but for some reason none of them were I chose passage2bangkok as a subtle reference for whomever might pick up on it. :wave:

    Are you going to see the guys on tour later this year?
  15. Yes. I've seen them like ten times I think over the years. The only tours I've really missed was while I was in Asia and the Middle East smoking pot :D

    I started playing guitar not long after I started smoking, been almost 30 years since I first plucked a string. Rush is also my favorite band.

    But...let's stay on topic now. Like I said before, if the OP doesn't like the feelings he has when he smokes he just shouldn't smoke. It's not for everyone.
  16. I've noticed that me and a few of my friends experience the same thing.
    It makes me feel so horrible of a person, looking down at others while smoking their weed.
    Well of course, I don't always smoke my friends' weed, but we tend to smoke each other up whenever it's possible.

    Nowadays I just laugh and have fun with my smokin' buddies. No weird thoughts anymore.
    Guess I just... "grew" out of it, I dunno.
  17. Ignore the posts saying it's a problem with you or with the weed. You lack tolerance. I had the exact same thing for the first month or two when I started smoking. If you don't smoke regularly, then smoke low quality weed, otherwise you will get too high, get paranoid, have negative thoughts, and possibly even have panic attacks or derealization. If you do smoke regularly, then make sure to keep smoking regularly enough that your tolerance builds up a little, but not too much, just enough so that your highs and comfortable and enjoyable, rather than filled with paranoia and bad thoughts.

    Hope this helps. I was the same once, it passes with time :)
  18. about a year ago that use 2 happen 2 me when i would blaze on and off
    i started 2 hate everybody even all my family i would hyper analize things but eventully i bounced back 2 being myself

  19. I second this, I used to feel "uptight" and such but I kinda grew out of it. The only thing that really changed was school started getting tougher and I had to do more work which then resulted in less smoking. So I'd say limit your usage or else, yes, you'll feel like a lame ass bum.
  20. Great thread - as I'm sure someone here has already stated, you should try experiencing sensations and situations when you're high. Baths, massages, hiking, swimming these are all interesting to experience while stoned. Sex too is amazing if the setting is rite and the weed danky. Hell even masturbation can be a mind-blowing experience while really baked.

    Don't just smoke, smoke and go do something! I promise you'll wanna do it again :D

    Peace and love...

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