not enough water??

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  1. hi there, well ill explain my entire set up, then hopefully anyone please can give me some sort of help with why my plants struggling

    im 1 week into my grow, plants about : 2-2 1/2 inches


    its under a 26W cfl and im going to through it under a 400wHPS soon

    i give it 200milileters of water EVERY morning 1 time a day

    80% oraganic soil
    10% miracle grow
    5% bone meal
    5% bloom fert

    it just looks a bit limp, not only that but i feel its not getting big enough to where it should be right now for 1 week, still just 4 tiny outward leaves

    what u guys think?
  2. also to note: lamp is 10 inches away from top of plant

    18 hours of light a day
  3. I got one growing out side and now it is better...
    since its been 2 1/2 weeks now it is standing up straight.
  4. At 10 inches your lamp is too far away from the plant. With CFL's you should be at about 2-3 inches from the tops of the plants. That might explain the slow growth. Get them under the HPS as soon as you can. Does your soil have good drainage? It looks very tight and compact.
  5. The dirt does look very compact. You should put some perlite in it. That will help keep it loose. Also you can squeeze the sides of your pot to loosen it up a bit. And like everyone else said move the light closer.
  6. few things i see wrong here that will turn into future problems

    first when you grow seedlings you want to use a small pot not a big one, for one overwatering becomes rampant when you use biger pots because to really obtain the proper watering level you have to water kinda heavy and that means you will overwater, the seedling has nothing but a small taproot right now, and the water will sit in that mixture

    your not overwatering now, but im stating you will most likley if you keep them in that pot size

    the mixture you are using may or may not be to strong for them as well
    its best to start them out in seed starter mix,
    do you know what strain you are growing or are you growing out bagseed?
    after 2 weeks its good to switch them over to a new soil mixture

    what soil brand did you use? and did you mix the bone blood meal in your self?

    i did that with my grows but i used MG as well and watered it down with another brand of soil and mixed in bone blood meal dolomite lime and perlite

    the light you are using should be closer and you should use one more bulb

    there is a controversal to adding seedlings to higher wattage lights all of a sudden
    but i have learnd that weaning them into the brigher lights works well also by seeing others reponses to what happens when they stick there plants from CFL's right to HPS 400 or higher

    its up to you but i would wait to stick it under the HPS untill it gets a bit more leaves, waste of power for one plant that size hps are also strong in the orange spectrum which is good for flowering, not vegging

    but you can still use it for vegging just not the best for vegging
  7. Its reaching for light btw I recommend outdoors better cause the sun is the best light mine were less than a week and got their second set of true leaves coming up (almost formed them soon.)

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