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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by rockhardnugs, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. Hi everybody, Im a first time outdoor grower and I need some help. I have a plant that has been flowering for a little ove a month. The problem is I moved it so it's in the shade of a brush where it doesn't get much direct sunlight. I'm wondering if the lack of sunlight is going to affect my yield in the end. And I can't move the plant to another location as it is too big and this is the most suitable place where no one will see it. The buds are forming gradually though except for the fact that the top part of the plant is budding at a much faster rate than the lower part. Should I harvest the top part when its ready and then move the plant to a more sunnier location? This will be possible because my plant will be much smaller and I can find a location too put it in. Or should I just leave it? If i leave it, will it eventually form bigger buds even though it might take longer? Time is not an issue for me. I dont know man, I need help. I live in southern california by the way. I also have a problem with ants sticking and dieing on my buds. I really dont want to smoke ants. Any advice on that matter? Any help or suggestions is very much appreciated. Thanks guys

    (how much sunlight should a plant receive to yield the maximum amount of bud the plant can produce? Also, is 2 months a good approximation of how long a plant flowers before ready to harvest? )

    I know this is a lot of questions, thanks for your help.
  2. i always heard from the old growers in the 1970s more dakness the bigger buds u get
  3. Are you serious? I thought it was the opposite. But yeah, i trimmed some of the branches on the tree so a little more light is reaching the plant. I hope that helps. Anyone else know if what smokeysativa said might be true or not? Anyways, thanks for the help man.
  4. I can only speak from my experience. But my plant grew the biggest and best when not in 100% direct sun from sun up to sun down.

    For instance plants growing a few rows in in a corn field did great. With the cord close to the plant cut low. But the plant would get some indirect light.

    Also my plants on the edge of a woodlot did great

    Plants in a open grass prarie did not do so good, too dry hot i think.

    But then again i planted a plant in a sugar beat field and it did great in direct ????

    Your call
  5. i have my plant in a bunch of bushes then i took a nife and cut out an area right above it so around 11:00 to 2:00 ish it gets its light and also some shines though the bush at differnt times so its a good "on off" amount off light and its seamed to be working 4 me
  6. Thanks for the replies guys....I hope my plant will be's gradually budding so it should be fine. Thanks!

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