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Not Crumbling, Ripping.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stickyicky1014, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So i have been getting lots of bud latly, like an ounce or so every day or other days, and its always the dank becasue im on good terms with my guy, hes always got the dankkkkkkkkk like digity, mad fire,and i wasked him today waht he had and he told me straight up nothing special, hes mad honest with me, but keep in mind nothing special t this guy is fire normal for him is dankkkk and when he says dankkkkkkk, its like holy shit, so today i got a good buy at 83 bucks a quarter, so i got 3 quaters for 250. So the point is ive had bud that was not dried properly and is still somewhat "fresh" the bud is not too moist and still looks very nice and smell nice, just less crystals then the dryer stuff ?because the cured bud sweats more thc and make it look better? the buds kinda tear rather than break apart, the stems just dont snap theyalmost do thought like internally snap but not in half, so my question is how big of role does this play in weight and potency?
  2. Its dank motehrfucker!!!!!!
  3. Smoke a bowl/blunt. Are you blazed?
    That's what important. my bud could still be in leaf form, but if it did the job, and did it well, i'm not going to complain.
    Good luck :D
  4. yea its not as chronic as the Og Kush i been geting my hands on latly, but i smoked a .3 in two bowls, and im high deff got the muchies but extremly clear headed high, most likly a Sativa Dominant becasue i still have a little couch lock, Usually when i burn im so tired done i wont come on the city, but now i have the energy to so deff sativa:)
  5. The moisture can effect the weight, but if it is just not cured completley then it should not effect the weight drastically. Post some pics if ya can, I'm I always love seeing some good ganja.
  6. well the mosture could actually effect the weight a lot depending on how wet it still is. But as long as it smokes nice it is not that big of a deal.

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