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not cool...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeff234, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. hey ive smoked nug for like about 4 months. and for the past 2 months ive smoked about everyday. sometimes twice in a day, sometimes not for a few days you nkow wat i mean. recently ive had shortness of breath sort of, like its hard to breath in all the way. should i just go on a t-break and exercise or what?:(

    and my memory sorta blows now, i cant memorize anything.
  2. Are you ripping a bong very often? The shortness of breath is def from being an everyday toker though. You need to exercise, run a mile a day or work your heart rate.

  3. You gotta keep your mind and body active, homie.

    I love reading and writing when I'm stoned.

    Just gotta be productive bro.
  4. ive been hitting pieces, and i tore my MCL so i cant jog, but i can ride a bike, should i go on like an hour bike ride everyday, and how do i work on my memory
  5. yeah ride your bike. Time will bring back your memory. There are also herbal supplements and 'smart' drugs you can take to help you out with your memory.
  6. wow this is preety fucking gay i start hockey in october, if i dont smoke anymore till then, exercise everynight by lifting wieghts, and ride my bike at least 3 times a week will i have good stamina/breath?

  7. I hate to break it to you, but those all come from your smoking of the glorious weed. You could cut back on your smoking, or you could exercise your body and mind to combat this.
  8. if you dont like how ur changing then id say smoke less

    think if getting high every day is worth feeling like shit

    and i get the memory shit too. taking a break will help but i think some damage is permanent cuz even with breaks i still feel like a retard sometimes. it negatively affects how i think of words. so like ill be thinking of a word in my head and ill just draw a blank

  9. haha i like ur plan. i think if u can excersise regularly, u can still smoke weed a couple times a week or whatever.

    the only reason to quit would be if they drug test you haha :smoking:

    edit: by excersise i mean cardio. lifting weights wont help ur stamina that much if at all
  10. Im really baked and know a thing or two about this subject. So ill make it short. Do the above things and you will be fine. Your lungs will "shed" that inner lining and will remove it via you hacking up mucous. Cardio any way you can. You can get cardio by simply pumping your arms in a running fashion. Anything to get you to your target heart rate and to stay there during your workout.
  11. Smoke before you ride your bike and don't come home 'til you come down. Best of both worlds.
  12. yea, ive been coughing up mucas. how long till all thats gone
  13. It varies. Hard to say.
  14. lol, that'll be pretty quick.
  15. I guess I've never had a problem with loss of memory,
    or shortness of breath
    But i'd say just ride your bike, and keep working your mind, reading and writing...
  16. Exersize. Hard. and take like a 1 month t break while doing so. run a mile a day. life weights. do pushups.

    I had the same thing, and while I was dry and not on a break, I did work out, and I have much better lung capacity, and don't feel like i'm out of breath walking to the kitchen :p
  17. edit: by excersise i mean cardio. lifting weights wont help ur stamina that much if at all[/QUOTE]

  18. here's how i do it when i smoke i run at least a mile, and read something like a chapter in a book or just go on grasscity and read what the city has to say for the day:smoking:
  19. nice quote and what the fuck do u mean
  20. so does anyone else have this problem

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