not buds, buuuut a picture..

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by highawatha, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. birdies if ya like that kinda thing :) ive ben after cardnals and finches but theys;s sneaky little birds still playin whit my new stuff
    forgive me :D
    technically i think that bird miiigt be eatain some sterilized mj,seeds. technically

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  2. You should put stems n seeds in the feeder, and you'll have all kinds o birds chillin out there with the munchies.

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  3. Just imagine being a bird, and being stoned, and flying around all stoned, how cool would that be? Most stoner birds don't fly tho, they just sit up on the bong chillin to the funky cypress hill sound waitin for the bowl to get fired up again.

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  4. i believe "cheep" birdseed has streolized seeds it in.:)
    useless info but i kids the kids butt in the jr eddition of trivial pursuit
    k since noones yellin yet... heres my sky yesterday evenin...
    id like to think its not from any factories :D
    *edit* itsa shame about those powerlines too :)

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  5. yer birds are muuuuch cooler.
    you have more than one?
    gotcha a little zoo, you do
  6. No zoo now, but i used to work at a sanctuary for orphaned exotic animals, and i did rehabilitation and re-release work with injured wild animals. I've been workin' with wildlife since i was a kid, mostly reptiles, but i've worked with primates, big cats, bears, elephants, and all kinds of critters.

    On 35mm film i got a sweet pic of a mexican jay from when i was mountain hiking last fall, he was like 3 feet away just chillin. I can't post it tho cause i got no scanner.

    Highawatha, keep takin pics.

    One of my ambitions in life is to do wildlife photography for nat'l geo, or get a job doing research documentation photography for wildlife. There's a few jobs in alaska counting and photographing elk, maybe i'll go get my biology degree and try it.
  7. ya's right critter i shoulda called it camo bird......
    an toosicks since yer hanging,and :) encourigin :)
    heres what i think mighta happened to a couple of my fish................

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  8. haha fishin' cats are cool.

    Have you ever seen an indonesian fishing cat? They're like a bobcat with webbed feet, pretty crazy.

    I used to have a monkey that would steal my live bait (minnows and shiners) outta my bait bucket when i didn't see him and for a while i kept wondering how the fish are getting outta the bucket till i caught him hunched over the bucket swatting at fish.
  9. a zoo of sorts....very cool kitty suprise indeed,...maybe you saw my kitty, devilcat? not worth a

    now have haven a monkey is amazing.
    very very cool........


    hey on that note... (animals,my mind wanders) JUST found out whats been eating all fatblack cats food, a nice fat racoon....acourse by time im like omg, get the camera she's gonne...(my luck itsa she and there'll be babies)
    i thought that cat was sure eating alot of food
  10. Speaking of not having a camera handy, me and my dad were out hiking, both armed with cameras, looking for wildlife. I'm cruising dow the trail into a canyon when a coati mundai comes walkin right up the trail like 10 feet away, he just stops, and stares at me, i raise my camera, zoom, and when i push the button to snap a pic, my battery dies!!! My dad is standing right next to and behind me, he has his camera in hand, pushes the shutter release, and it don't work, the flash somehow turned on and it was waiting to charge. Neither of us got a single shot off before the coati walked off.
  11. I love your pictures, and you have a very nice camera. keep it up

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