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not being rascist

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by I Love Hashley, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. over the years ive been smoking, and everytime i smoke with my black friends they always want to roll a blunt or a cigarillo. its cool with me and all unless its high end nug, just seems like a waste to me.

    anyone else like blunts? i think there fine with mids but i wouldnt drop 65 for an eighter just for a blunt.

  2. Not many people like throwing good bud in a blunt...

    But i sure as fuck do. I love smoking blunts of the funk.
  3. May be a "waste of bud", but blunts are so good.
  4. Smokin in general is a waste. Vaporizing is better.

    So, anyone who downs people for loving chronic blunts... Grow the fuck up, and quit being a pot snob.
  5. Eh, not a fan of blunts. I'll smoke it if someone rolls one, hell, I'll even throw down on one, but I won't choose a blunt if it's up to me.
  6. Vaporizing in general may be less waste, but I don't care for the clear-headed high I get. I like sounding like a dumbass after smoking a few bowls.

    Who downed you, man?
  7. hey i wasnt being a pot snob, ive actually rolled one with a whole 1/8 of ak-47, i can indeed say that was the best feeling ever:smoke:
  8. Ditto.

    Well, actually I am a fan, I'd just as rather smoke a bowl though.

    If a homie wants to smoke a blunt, I'm not gonna complain.
  9. Seconded.
  10. no no, no one downed me. im just so used to hearing DONT WASTE GOOD BUD IN BLUNTS....

    My weed, ill waste it how i want. I love blunts. I really love rolling a personal swisher cigarillo. mmmmmmm.

    But yea, i see alot of people that just find it almost repulsive to smoke blunts of good weed.
  11. yea man
  12. Ah, I get ya. I've never actually had a blunt packed with the good shit. All we have around here is shwagg, mids, hydro, and KB. Might be more, but in my few years of smoking, I haven't come across it. Fuck Nebraska, I wanna move to California. At least I can get a card there.
  13. you wanna know why most people roll chron blunts? BECAUSE THEY CAN. simple as that if you got the means to get that much herb, chron blunts arent any different than bowls to other people
  14. Well put.

  15. hahah about time someone said it.

    ups to you man, nothing like lounging on a couch watching a movie smoking a big old blunt
  16. Yea if you wanna smoke a blunt fuck it smoke a blunt you paid for the bud and can do watever you want with it
  17. blunts are the shit. probably my favorite way to smoke. im the exact opposite i dont like vaporizers at all. theyre good and all i just dont have that satisfied feeling after compared to when I smoke a blunt
  18. My homie rolls blunts nearly every time! I'll smoke them but you will never catch me rolling them. Never liked smoking tobacco with my weed. My personal favorite is a fat joint.
  19. to me it all depends the area im in to be honest. but yeah blunts are sweet i dont mind them. i like them makes me feel like i'm like my uncle snoop haha.

    just cuz ive never seen him smoke any other way other than a blunt
  20. Hey man, I do notice my black brothers from other mothers like blunts better...

    but I appreciate every form of the marijuana smokable.

    Is a blunt a waste? If you can't stay cheefin' on the bitch.

    Take that motha to tha dome and tell me a blunt is a waste.

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