Not being able to find bud...

Discussion in 'General' started by J_Dawg, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Will be a new problem in my life.The other night I went to pick up some weed for me & a friend so I went over to this guys house 'cause he knows a guy. Well we picked up the bud & I had put it into the center console of my pick up & when I had gotten back to my friends house one of the dime bags was mysteriously missing so I ended up giving that dime to my friend instead of keeping it for myself & he never offered to smoke me up for all my troubles getting it & the shit I went through. Plus on top of that I'm always smoking him and his dad up when I can affored too & they never really smoke me up. Once in a blue moon if I'm lucky. Fuck that--not even ONCE in a blue moon. So I got mad about it and they are saying I was causing a scene when all I really did was slam the door to my pick up in frusteration. My situation sucks. I can't tell my "friend" what I think about all of this bullshit & still manage to get the phone number to the connect we've been sharing & I can't ask that other dude cuzz he's obviously just gonna rip me off.

    Finding weed is hard when you have no real friends:(FML
  2. Youre better off solo than w/ bad company
  3. Best solution is devote your time to researching on how to grow your own Marijuana You get to pick the strain, have fun doing it, and not have to deal with meeting random strangers.
  4. And I would do that if I had my own pad:(

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