Not bein able to get high...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 2, 2006.

  1. Today we smoked a black n mild blunt, Then broke down went to the store and got a swisher and rolled a fat swisher. It was the size of the original cigar fer real. No cigarillos round my way.

    And we smoked a white mans and 2 other joints.

    And i jus got like kinda high. We had alotta heads on it tho. 6 people i think. But still jus the one blunt was over a eighth of weed.

    And i jus like kinda got high.

    But earlier in the day, Well like minutes before smoking, We got rolled on.

    Over my homies. Me n 3 of my boys. But miracle only knows me n one of my homies n dont trust the other too much. He was sleepin, Im real close to his girl so we was chillin with her.

    SHe was takin off to get a bag, So we chilled in the garage. No door, Its ghetto lol. So we jus kickin it. Not smoking nothing. Fucking around watin for kym to come back with a bag with this guy TJ.

    Well like half hour passes. A cop creeps by, You can barley see us from the street and so he looked for a second. Kept going forward and i didnt see him stop i thought he kept going but he parked in a spot we couldnt see them. None of us had shit. Couple of my homies underage so they threw me n al all the ligters and cigs and blacks and papers n shit right after the cop passed we did this jus incase.

    Sure shit, White boy in a uniform walks up, Hand on his gun.

    His exact words "Why does it smell like bud, Care to elloborate fellas?".

    We all like naa i dunno. We aient even smoked yet today fer real.

    Well he gets id's n shit n goes to the car. I sat down the whole time because i had two roaches under my arm and didnt have time to get rid of them before he walked up. He turned around, I grabbed them and swallowed the btichs hahah. Fuck it.

    He comes back and noone gots warrents. Miracle does though lol. And miracle does alot of bussiness.

    So then kym comes out and goes the cops were jus here.

    We like no shit they ran us.

    TJ seen the cops and turned down a different street and took off running and told kym to walk home and ditch the bud. Thought we was gettin raided again.

    She stayed there until the cops left lol.

    When the cops left two more cars were there jus parked and nobody knew it. Fucked up.

    So they all left. I ran inside and woke miracle up and told him cops jus came there. He jus goes aight and goes back to sleep and aient care lol.

    Kym comes says the cops were here, We like no shit. She runs back, Gets the bag And came back here.

    Soon as we got upstairs our homie solis calls and says hes comnig over. Miracles like you shouldnt come here the cops jus left. Hes like im at the front door. HAHAH.

    He comes in with a o and a scale. And 3 felony warrents. Thatd been great.

    Then TJ comes by later. Got his truck and drove it here. Drove to the police department. Had a court date and he knew he was goiong to jail so told miracle to drive it back.

    What happens, He fucking finds out its a stolen ride.

    See the dude like a hour later in a fuckin hot ride, Nice whip. Stole it and skipped court. Hahah. Fucknig crazy people.

    What a day.

    But yeah we smoked all dya from there on and i barley got high. But jus smoked a bowl of chrons to the dome here and im blowed.

    I ran in the house when the cops left and i was like miracle. The fucking police jus came and ran us, Someone called the cops on us
  2. man, that was a random story in a "can't get stoned' post.
  3. hahaha oh nasty, you swallowed the roaches?

    Gotta do what you gotta do, i guess.
  4. If you cant get high StopSmokinReefa...

    for a while...
  5. Hell yeah i did.

    And im glad i did.

    When he came back he looked around there a litle bit. I was standing up by now.

    But my homie bought me a 24 of budweiser at like 11 in the morning for swalling them boys so some shit didnt go down.
  6. oh yeah, if it'll keep you out of cuffs, then for sure it was worth it.
  7. Fuckin blows, I think his house bout to get raided within the next week or two...
  8. yo roaches tast mad nasty

    this one time we was jus just chillin last summer and we decide to go pickup a blunt wrap n roll a blnt.. so we got 3 people and this one kid hasnt ever smoked wit us before. he doesnt really smoke that much so we all was smokin and at the end this blunt roach was just covered in blunt juice..haha so we go dude mike (the newb haha) you know what u gotta do right n hes like huh..were like the last person that hits the blunt has to eat the roach. hes like aww really? and were like yeah man chew it up so he eats it hahaha thing was just covered in resin and saliva hahahah
  9. i would swallow two roaches for a 24 of bud

  10. yo sick. yo a sick boi.

    but it's so great :D
  11. roaches taste like you just licked your piece clean. i HATE that taste. when i got pulled over, i had just finnished smokin a j like 45 seconds beforehand. luckily in those 45 seconds i had oziumed the car so it didnt reak. i saw the blue lights and athe the roach... fucked up.

    last friday i was at a party and the cops showed up and started searching people. i had 1/4 of damn good fire on me i wasnt about to ditch. plus my bro had .5g of yay on him. fucking cops. sometimes they just dont have anything better to do. he put the yays in his shock inbetween his toes. good idea
  12. Damn, I stopped reading in the middle of the was killing my high bro, lol i couldn't understand where you were trying to get to...made no sense, splah

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