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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Palmer Eldritch, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. just checking out a new camera I bought. I got a sony cybershot p72 plus 64meg memory card for 230 dollars. Not a bad price, I think.

    comparasson shots of my bowl

    old camera - full resolution
    new camera - 1/5 resoltution

    not bad, certainly a big step out. I should be able to get some good reference shots for upcoming pieces.


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  2. that thing looks awesome, is it one in the GC shop? I know theres one that resembles it...
  3. No I ordered that piece exactly yesterday, one year ago from California Color Changers. Operation Pipedreams went into affect like 3 days later. I was shitting bricks because I accidentally picked the three week shipping option and was sure it was going to be picked up by the feds.
  4. I'd never be able to wait that long for a peice i ordered, i'd go insane waiting!! I always pick overnigt shipping for everything, even if its like more than the thing im buying, haha...
  5. Nice camera. Digi's are the best. I like your sherlock too that must have been a pretty penny.

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