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  1. Hi guys. First post here so please go easy [​IMG]

    So I've got a plant in veg right now for around 4 weeks. The sex and strain is unknown - decided to just give it a go with a seed I'd found from a particularly nice smoke. I'm very aware that this is incredibly idiotic as I don't have any idea whether it's indica/sativa dominant or even what grow conditions it prefers. Again, it was a test - but I'm only realising now what a risk it was to take.
    I had been over watering it, so I slowed down the growth for a fair few weeks. It seems to be thriving a bit better now.

    So I've been getting what looks like nutrient burn at the tips of the leaves that slowly starts to move towards the base of them. I'm using a grow bag with preloaded fertiliser, however dumb dumb here decided to use liquid nutrients as well. If I gave the plants nutrient burn, how long would it take for that to revert?

    Also, the humidity in the tent (it's like 5 foot tall and three deep) is resting around 20%. Will that severely affect the plants? I've set a fan pointing into the tent blowing over a bowl of water with a cloth wick to try and increase the humidity, but it's getting to a max of 29% relative humidity. Should I focus on increasing that?

    I'm only realising now that I could have gotten an air cooled reflector to keep the temperature down, however it's a bit late. So my set up is the carbon filter at the top with the fan outside the tent pulling the air through the filter and out into the room. Is that an acceptable set up to have? foto_no_exif (1).jpg foto_no_exif0.jpg foto_no_exif (1).jpg foto_no_exif0.jpg

    Some extra info that may help:

    6-1.3-5 is the mix I was using. I only added it twice. I made it very dilute - only a couple of mL in a litre.
    The grow bag itself is supposed to have enough nutrients without adding until the flowering stage or so, so maybe I'm adding too much?

    The pH of the soil is just below 7, as is the water.

    The temperatures vary between 80-89 degrees F.

    Using a Black Orchid Radial-flo fan that has an extraction speed of up to ~100M^3 per hour. I'm not positive but I think thta that's 1.67 CFM or so?

    I'm using a 400W HPS at about 2 foot away from the top of the plant.

    Been using only water for the past week or so. I'm not sure if it's improving - the new leaves look like they are but I'm just not sure xD
  2. Pretty toasty for the little one. 95 °f is deadly. I run in the 80s usually too
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  3. Should I aim to make it cooler?
  4. Yes ,mid 80s at the most. Any higher an my leaves go in odd directions close to my 400mh.
    Deffantly heat stress from how the tips curl
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  5. 12to 24 inches from HPS MH when she's healthy again
  6. I'm successfully venting 2 separate tents whith their own cooltube hood. With a 400cfm inline blower and fan speed controller at 50% power. Plus carbon filter in flower chamber wich reduces flow by 20% or so. My 2 tents are 4ftx4ftx6.5. = 208cubit feet.
  7. The light and fans come on at night and where I live it's not warm at night. If I point a desk fan towards the air inlet but near an open window and point the exhaust into another room do you think that that would lower the temperature?
    Thanks so much for your help and info
  8. I'd advise against using isolating fans for ventilation intake and exhaust. Nothing beats a good ol sqiuel cage inline fan.

    Iv used a lasko blower fan in the past with squirl cage type modle. On sale for 30$
  9. Wat are your dimintions. Is it enclosed
  10. The tent is 60 cm x 60 cm x 140 cm. It's enclosed bar the intake meche at the bottom and the exhaust fan at the top.
    For a while I won't be able to change fans or anything
  11. Oh the 137cfm fan you mentioned would do the trick.
  12. That's the one I'm using but it's still too hot :(
  13. Anyway of uploading some pics?
  14. Of the plant?
  15. And the setup.

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