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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MissUkGrower, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hi Everyone
    Ok so im in the UK and ive done a few grows before (with my ex boyfs) Hense I do know a bit about shit like mh lights for veg about 5-6 weekd, hps flowering is used for 8-9 weeks depending on strain.....
    Im not a complete noob but still need a bit of advice on lights and nutes on an outdoor garden grow starting indoors.
    Right ok so i have 3 months before i move out of my house, I live alone in a 2 bed and i have a little walk in wardrobe closet thing with a rail in it that i want to use to veg in. I have one candy kush fem seed in soil and john innes young plant compost and pearlite in a small pot for the mo in a propagator in the spare room. I have no light as of yet and the seed was germinated wed 22nd may and planted the 25th may. 
    I need a light asap and i want to get a 400w metal halide bulb, A 400w ballast and a euro reflector. 
    My question is can i do this and then buy a hps for flowering and use the same ballast? Ive seen kits for good prices on ebay but they are hps kits and so would have to buy a mh anyway! I was thinking of buying everything seperately - blue mh bulb is £15, Euro reflector is £15 and ballast depending on where i go not too bad. Sooooo can i do this OR do i need to buty a converter bulb from mh to hps? 
    Looking to buy asap as my seeding needs light! 
    Thanks xx

  2. there are some ballast where u can put both mh and hps lights, just search on ebay or ask to your local hydroponic reseller... u can get a 400/600w ballast with 2 lights for 200-300usd..... 
    have fun with your new grow//////
  3. You started your sentence with the word "right". Are you Australian? I know that does not answer your question, but i am faded lol. Sorry.
  4. wtf random? no mate im from london and im english....sorry for the confusion :S
  5. Thanks for ure reply il have a look but more answers and options are still on the cards people...thanks x
  6. Hiya,
    No i havent mainly cos i know a bit about mh and hps so i didnt want to confuse myself with added info from other lights that i would have to change my set up for. Its an interesting thought though still.
  7. They will save you on heat(little to no heat what so ever) and power costs and one light does it all....check out the link I posted...I am using the Grow panel 45"s and they work awesome....
  8. it does sound bloody good tbh and i may have to research into this a little more. So would i be able to flower with this or would i veg till big enough to pot outside? given that our UK heat is not that great, thanks 
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    Like I said one does it all they are just as good for veg and flower,what some people dont understand about LED"s is it's not the Lumes or wattage that matters,it"s the spectrum of light they put out,if you get lights like the ones I have,or even better ones they have a mix of blues and reds so it makes them good for both veg and flower,if you go to the Hydro section,look for my thread,,OKAY my babies got flipped yesterday you can see how good they work,it's been 4 weeks since I flipped them to a 12/12still using the same lights as when I transplanted them into the pots,the bud in my profile pic is under the LED"s,I think they are well worth the price if you consider first you have to buy both MH and HPS bulbs Ballast's and cooling huds by that time you spent way more money and the heat you have to worry about and than spend even more money on power costs,as long as you buy an LED thats has enough coverage for your grow space you are golden.....
    to make it  a little easy for you here it the link.....
  10. yup that seems like a good idea actually, just watched a utube vid of led lights under a grow and he got some nice dense big buds! 
    Im gona have a look into this then, As ive only got one plant on the go what do you recommend for the output? thanks 
  11. For just one plant? I would just go with one mayby 2 grow panel 45"s or just one of the grow UFO"s I am running 5 grow panel  45"s in a 8ft wide 4 ft deep by 6 ft high grow box,if you get the UFO ,you can add 2 or 3 more plant in the future if you wanted,and at 200 US dollars it"s well worth it...
    brilliant im watching that now on my ebay so me thinks i may invest in some of them. £60 is about $90-100 dollars i think so no its not that bad tbh! thanks for all ure help and as soon as i can il get sme pics up of the grow x
  13. You are very welcome sweetie,I am happy to help!!Cant wait to see some nice frosty nugs!!!!
  14. Omt I love the led! I planted x2 on sat and stuck em under my light i showed you the one on ebay and I have a sprout come up. Soooo happy I see something!! Can I ask I have bought some baby bio original plant feed. Its has:

    nitrogen 10.6%
    phosphorus pentoxide total 4.4%
    Potassium oxide 1.7%

    Is this ok to start on my little babys? What feed do I need for the stages coming up? X

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  15. Oh and also I have just one 225 Led panel 14w I need another one or a 45 like u x

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  16. Missuk I've been using baby Bio for my veg (uk as well) now there's a problem with this stuff its nitrogen levels are high if used as stated on the bottle. So what I did is wait till you hit around 2 weeks first (depending on your growth) then your first feeding with nutes do it at 1/4 strength any more and your likely to lose your plant or nutes lock your roots. After your first nutes feed water with normal water for 2 feeds after. Next feed with nutes do 1/4 again then 2 normal waters. After that you can go to 1/2 strength for the rest of the veg time but still do 1 nutes feed then 2 normal water. When you get to flower stage use tomato feed at 1/2 strength to start then up it to 3/4 strength till 2 weeks before harvest which at that point pure water only to clean all nutes out and get a nice smoke.
  17. Hope that helps

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