Not addicted to Oxys?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GhostFaceSkrila, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. So for some reason I've had no problems with Orange County. I've done it many times but I'll go on like a 2 day binge and be able to sit it aside for 2 months and not even worry about it, no withdrawals at all.
    Just wondering if anyone else is like this
  2. Don't fuck with it ever, never have, but curious as to what mg your taking?
  3. Ya, I have a friend that regularly snorts 40 mg (half pill of an 80 mg). He has similar claims. He gets it easily enough...but he might snort like a pill a day for a week, then stop for like 2 weeks. He says he has no withdrawal or cravings during this time. I find it hard to believe, but hey. I've tried it. It's nothing special. I actually prefer weed, and for a fraction of the health risk. Hmm...
  4. That's legit, I love weed, but I love the way beans give me such an intense euphoria and I can talk about anything like it's god.

    I made another thread like this because I thought this one got deleted. Goddamnti I already look like a bean head.
  5. The best is when someone thinks they cant get addicted to a ridiculously addicting drug. I remember those days haha. 3 months later you're blowin an 80 just to feel normal. Lifes a bitch and then ya die, thats why we get high

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