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Not acting high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohsopoisonous, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So I have a friend and it will be his birthday and we are going to smoke the first day we have school, which just so happens to be this thursday, outside (it's really easy to hah.. no chance of me getting caught that way) and I know it's a dumb idea to do, smoking at and before school, but I am going to end up doing it anyway. Well, I have a low tolerance and so I will only take a couple of hits, and I have eye drops and gum and spray and all of that but the thing is, it'll be a blunt and so that means heavy smell. I'm worried it'll still be obvious. It'll be the first day of school so I will act really tired just.. any other tips? Thanks.
  2. Blunts before school are kinda bad, when I smoke a blunt my hands and clothes reek of swisher sweets until I wash them, no joke.
    For tips, I would say you've got yourself covered. Just don't act high:smoke:

    BTW, your homie must hate life. His birthday is the first day of school hahaha
  3. don't not talk. people get more suspicious. just talk like you usually would. i do that with my family all the time and they never notice
  4. Try not to get caught gazing into the distance. Just generally try to keep you shit together and focus on what your doing.
  5. Im about to tell you the key of getting weed smell off of you... Lotion. Seriously. Im black so i actually use it in everyday life, but when i smell, i put some on arms and face and the smell is gone. The smell on your clothes you can easily get rid of with some cologne or something. But yeah man eye drops, gum, spray, and lotion.
  6. My teachers always called me out when I smelled like bud and would send me to the office every day.

    But it was cool cause the administrator was a chill fellow, didn't really care that I smoked so I would just sit in his office for an hour and skip class everyday and play games on my phone and text.

    Being high in class is easy if you don't smell though, just do the work and draw stuff on your paper to keep busy, just don't talk to the teacher or say anything cause you'll prolly sound like a fool.

    I go to college classes all day everyday higher than a giraffes ass, just keep to yourself and don't act a like a fool and it's all good.

  7. YESS I always carry around cocoa butter and have it in my room for right after I smoke out the window so that my mom will smell that if she walks in first thing hah. And I am a girl so I get girly smelling ones also that cover up the smell nicely.
    And thanks guys c: I plan to bring a jacket and a hat so that the smell sticks to them the most and I'll put them away, and I always carry around hand satitizer to get it off of my hands.
  8. I ise to do that everyday. People dont know what you look like yet so they wouldnt know if your high or not. If they ask you anything about weed say the local thugs blew smoke in your face

  9. I have a really good coverup as I have terrible anxiety and used to have panic attacks and stare off into space all day during class and all of that so if my teacher says I am acting weird then I will tell them it's my anxiety, and the administrator will not deal with that stuff as I go to an early college (highschool and college mixed) and it's super strict but she loves me so c: I am known there for some days being loud and jumpy and stupid and others sitting in the back not speaking a word, I don't get close to anyone there really so everyone just thinks I'm odd hah which is good because then no one will know if I am high other than my friends.

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