Not able to walk at my graduation

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  1. My high school graduation director said we were suppose to wear dress shoes, pants, a button down shirt, and a tie.

    I do not own those things.

    I was denied being able to walk across the stage because I wore my Vans (which are new and not all torn up or anything)

    My family who flew from across the US to come see me graduate was disappointed.... Mostly because something simple like not wearing the right shoes holds me back from enjoying one of the milestones of my life.

    Although I am not too angry or anything, I just feel disappointed. I spent a lot of time at the practices and for nothing... :devious:

    So tonight I'll smoke a dub :smoking:
  2. wow that sucks, i'd be so pissed if that bitch did that to me.
  3. hate to be a debby downer/dick, but you cant afford dress clothes(cheap at a used clothes store), but you can afford bud?
  4. that blows man...
  5. I prioritize my life for what helps me the best. Graduation is for your family, not you. But you're right in a sense. It's just that I wouldn't have gone to graduation at all if my family wasn't flying in.
  6. Runescape forums are better trolled than these.
  7. my graduation was slack as hell. kids showed up high, one had on white shorts with a floral-ish print on them and bulky white old skate shoes. he stuck out like mad but no one cares here i guess
  8. fuck them. you worked hard to graduate u shoud be able to wear whatever you want. :smoking:
  9. Bud>Everything
  10. sue the school.

  11. that's outrageous! wtf I mean god dam some people are so fuckin stupid. What kind of asshole makes a rule that a kid cant walk because he's wearing vans. :mad:
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    My graduation was last week, I saw a couple people wearing vans and blue jeans....
  13. You have family who can afford to buy plane tickets to see YOU walk. yet, you do not own a pair of nice shoes/pants. New Vans too? I feel no pity for you.. yeah you don't normally wear those clothes im sure but suck it up. You only walk once and you will regret not getting to.
  14. A school that actually gives a shit about the appearance of its graduating class. No one wants to see kids dressed up in whatever the hell they want. Graduation is a big deal so people must dress like it.
  15. Owned. /thread

  16. I woulda raised hell n my family would have as well! Did your class wear robes n hats!
  17. When I graduated they made us wear these fuckin dresses so it didnt matter what you wore underneath. Everyone was in a god damn green dress.
  18. FUCK the man.
  19. when i graduated they gave us a cap and gown and we could wear w/e underneath...

    I remember i was high as hell walking to my seat and i sat in the wrong one (after 3 days of practice). Then for grad night me and my friends had some dank ass brownies. We ate them half an hour prior to getting on the bus to go to disneyland. As soon as i sat in my seat on the pretty nice charter bus it hit night of my life.

    Im surprised they wont let you walk because they require the dress shoes and shit. Thats just ridiculous...they should take into account that not everyone can afford nice things like that what with the economy and all...

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