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Not A Tragedy, But...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by th3cre8r, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Alright guys, I'll keep it short.

    Last week I bought a 26" PURE Glass bong with two three-arm tree percs... Cleaning it today, I tapped the lip of the bong against the sink, sent shockwaves through it, and one of the arms of one of the percs just... fell off!

    The bong still smokes fine, can't even tell the arm isn't there... And it isn't SO obvious looking at it that anything's wrong. But I'm thinking, if I don't want to make replacing the bong an issue anymore, when I get some money, I should get a primo ice bong, no percs, but with a diffused ashcatcher/precooler, and of course diffused downstem...

    Thinking I might go 7 mm RooR Little Sista, with a RooR downstem, but fucking RooR precoolers are HYPER overpriced, and they ARE NOT diffused to boot. Does anybody know of a badass glass company that makes a really good, preferably diffused precoolers?
  2. Oh, and just for those who don't understand:

    Percolators are like precoolers BUILT INTO the bong. It's easy to break/shatter these chambers if the bong is not handled with EXTREME care, i.e. it is never moved. Another problem with these is that with the extra chambers and all, they tend to start to *stink*, so they need to be moved around a lot! Doesn't make tons of sense I know. But If I got a bong without any percs, it would be mad easy to clean, all I'd have to do is keep the pre-cooler clean and in good shape -- which should be easy, with a keck clip ready. Anyhow, do you know any glass companies?
  3. my perc's are fine...:confused:
  4. im guessing you didnt hit your bong against a sink.
  5. #5 th3cre8r, Aug 14, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2008
    Haha, thanks, DayHota. Yeah, I mean, I'm just a clumsy college guy, I don't have my own place (i.e. always have to put my bong away, always have to clean it, etc.), and I just think it's better for me to have a really thick, durable, SIMPLE glass pipe with some fancy stemware that I can easily tuck into a well-padded case, so that none of it will break.

    And actually, I apologize to all of you for starting this thread... It was dumb. I didn't even know until yesterday that when you buy a RooR pre-cooler, you can pick if you want it diffused (for like $30 more). So my question is kind of a moot point.

    On the RooR online store, I checked the cost of a full order. This included:

    RooR Little Sista Black (7 mm wall thickness), diffuser, colored ice notches, a white logo... Euro 272.80...

    RooR Ash-catcher Black (5 mm wall thickness), diffuser, crown-studded bowl... Euro 171.90...

    Total costs, Euro 444.70, which is $659.29.


    Keep in mind, I intend to get a vape in college, it'll be good to have a sturdy glass bong to vape from...
  6. Lemme just say that me and nine of my buddies threw down for a six perc 400$ bong w/ ash and ice catchers, it was a monster, and it got set down on another tiny bong and the vibrations snapped off 5 of the 6 percs. THAT was a tragedy.
  7. ^^^
    You're right. My loss was minimal... I'm just saying that I wanted my wunderbong to stay in good shape for a long time (yeah right, I'm clumsy as shit), and obviously it didn't. I'm over it... Still hits like a fucking champ.

    What do you guys think of the RooR set-up I want?

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