Not a problem or sick plant, but rather a MYSTERY!

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  1. :confused: Hey all you keen-minded gardeners and experts on all things cannabis. ! I've got a question. . .

    I bought several ounces of sensimilla awhile back and it had some seeds which I grew this year outside. It was from a grower (unknown to me) who has grown for nearly 30 years. I've been trying to determine what strain it is: by looks/comparisons; growth pattern; etc. and am still puzzled.

    A few weeks ago, I trimmed some sucker buds and dried/cured them, and one thing struck me straight away -- they smelled exactly like fresh peaches! Have any of you all ever run across anything like this? It is seemingly a sativa/indica cross, not skunky, and the ripening time is about nine to ten weeks. It is dark green, with light colored stems, and looks a bit like hash plant and northern lights, with lots of trichomes.

    The taste (of the stuff I bought, I've yet to try mine) is hashy. And the high was cerebral, uplifting and energetic, with little couch-lock effect and almost an anxiety-attack initial rush after smoking. It is very strong/potent. I use for medicinal purposes -- for chronic-pain and muscle spasms -- and it is killer for this taking very little (seldom more than two bong-hits) to work.

    Ideas anyone? I'll post pics if anyone is interested or curious about the mystery strain.

  2. I'm curious post some pictures
  3. Sorr to take so long, brah. Here's the pics, for what they're worth. I figure the best shot I had was someone remembering the smell on a grow/harvest before. I really appreciate the reply and interest, it's way cool.


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