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  1. I have come to the conclusion that I really hate people. I have two jobs that both interact with customers, one retail the other security. I hate going to pubic events and I hate hanging out with my girlfriend's friends and there boyfriends and shit, does anyone else just hate people?

    "A more serious problem is having your cock bang against the inside of the toilet bowl. That shits gross."
  2. They annoy me sometimes, but hate is a word I don't throw out casually, I leave that word to paedos, terrorists and suchlike.

    You better hope you don't start hating on you're girl lol
  3. I'd be willing to bet that you don't actually hate people; we're social creatures at our very core. You probably just need a break, since it sounds like you're constantly surrounded.

    Sometimes the constant ignorance and selfishness of others grates on me too.
    I hate when people come out wit the "we're social creatures at our core". I'm not social, at all. I don't like big crowds of people(6-7 is getting close to too many). I don't like going to parties, ravies, concerts.
    I always find an issue with someone. ALWAYS. something you might think is a complete joke to you, can very much so anger the shit out of me and make me not want to be with that person, ever. I genuinely have anger issues so I'll be the first one to say I don't like people.
    A group of 2-4 friends is all I need to have a party. I'm not social to random people or just regular friends. My close friends know how much I love to talk about shit but I just can't discuss things with people who don't understand me. All my friends have either A - stomach issues or B - anger issues. They understand why some days I don't want to hangout, same as I understand if one of them says "nah man my b having a bad day".
    I do not like saying hello to everyone at a party, saying goodbye, making small chat. I just don't like people and that's not gonna change - wether I take a "break" or not. I would rather sit at home alone on a saturday night playing video games than trying to hang out with friends who are trying to find somewhere to party, drink, hangout with too many people, etc. I'm not one of those party people and my friends know it yet try to bring me around. If I ever do go to parties, you can find me off in the corner smoking up anyone who comes by my spot and doesn't instantly piss me off.
    For example, my girlfriends cousin is a rich stuck up daddys girl. "Oh daddy I got this so you could buy it for me" "oh daddy this daddy that" and she drives a 50k car, spends on average a few hundred dollars a day on her credit card A DAY. I can't stand being around her ONE bit and my girlfriend always wants to hangout with her. I told her the day that credit card starts swiping shit I need and not a "cute" purse to add to the other 50 she has, is the day I will tag along and try to enjoy myself. I don't need her to buy my shit for me, but its not fun having your own money issues and going to the fucking mall with someone who's gonna go on a lottery shopping spree(thats what it would feel like to me, going into a store and getting everything I fucking wanted).
  5. Antisocial personality "disorders" are on the rise.. and caused by a variety of reasons. Your genes, your diet, your environment, your experiences, illnesses.. a plethora of reasons that probably only you can wade through.

    Any chance you're left handed?
    They are definitely on the rise - cellphones and the internet I feel contribute to it. While they give ME more things to do by myself, kids who grow up from day 1 with technology I feel are much more likely to grow into seclusion and being anti-social. I was anti-social and not a people person long before the internet became a hit. Now instead of being bored for hours a day, I have something to do.
    Being raised in a non loving family home will certainly have something to do with it. Anything that puts you into a loner state - worrying about just yourself and nobody else.
  7. I see the problem as overpopulation. There are just too many damn people -- everywhere. Stop having kids if you want to save the world.
  8. You're allowed to not like being incredibly social. It's okay, man, you need not defend yourself. But you've proven my point: you don't hate people. You have friends that you enjoy the company of; those are people, my friend. If you shut yourself off from them, I'd hazard a guess that your happiness would take a nose dive.

    It sounds like what you actually hate is the selfishness and pettiness of the population you're surrounded by. My advice remains the same: take a break from it all. Shake things up a bit and maybe you'll find some peace with the world around you. It sounds like a bit of hippy-dippy nonsense, but walking around enraged with the universe isn't doing yourself the service you deserve.
  9. Another one of these threads..

    I dislike probably 95% of the people I meet just because I get annoyed easily. I like to maintain my small circle of friends and ignore everyone else if I can.
  10. Curious why you asked if he was left handed?

    I am left handed
  11. Asked out of curiosity mainly. Left handed peoples' brains are flip flopped around compared to right handed people.. so it can make a lefty stand out in a subconscious way. Like when people lie, a lot of times their eyes give it away. When you think of something, you're using a specific side/part of your brain and your eyes typically glance to the side you're using. It's reversed for lefties, so when they lie they are often thought to be telling the truth and when they tell the truth, right handers (which is like 70-80% of people) think they're lying. Growing up a lefty, I could bullshit anyone.. but would piss me off when I was telling the truth cause no one would believe it.

    That's just an example of how a lefty's brain is, but the reversal can have numerous social implications.
    Try reading  "The Power of Now" by Eckart Tolle.
    Its spiritual and helped myself out of negative thoughts. Being happy is the shit man! All the best, goodluck.
  13. I used to be the "I hate people type", but as I've gotten older and the quality of my life has deteriorated I've found that I can no longer stand to be alone.
  14. Oh I'm so edgy I hate people
  15. the trick is getting the seasonings juuuuust right.
  16. Op, adopt the IDGAF attitude that today's youth find comfort in.
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    I'm with you OP that's why I have a manuel labor job so I don't have to deal with "customers". No way I could deal with that. I don't hate people but I hate crowds of people if that makes sense. I find the only types of people I can get along with for extended periods of time are other non crowdish people. Although my absolute best friend is the exact opposite of me and goes out all the time. I just like it when it's me and him since him since my other group of friends kind of clash as far as how much they indulge while partying.
  18. i like people, but i also enjoy being alone
    i need both
  19. You need a vacation. Being in a job where you deal with the lowest common denominator tests a mans patience.

    If you get away from people who are all surface deep, in terms of their world outlook, you may find some really cool people. Anyone who is materialistic and competitive was cut from my life like a cancer. I dont miss any of them and im happier.

    But understand peace comes from within. Your response to life is a test each time. You can be the guy really bothered by every one and everything, because you let the world manipulate your reaction, or you can be the guy unfazed by any and all drama because you dont.

    Its that simple for me. Trust me it aint easy, but nothing worth doing is.

    ~ poke

    And tbh, you sound depressed.
  20. I used to think I was anti social and didn't favor people much, until i got out of charter school and into working and realized im more of a people person than the person of peoples yo.

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