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  1. Well I have been debating amongst myself. About starting a grow journal for everyone to see. I'm not new to growing marijuana. I have many successful outdoorand indoor grows. This will be the first time that I will not use and chemicals. I will not top, lst, prune, etc. Also I'm in a illegal state. With all that being said the seeds are all from the same bag of really good loud. I dont know the strain (unfortunate side effects of illegal state) I'm currently around 6 or 7 weeks since sprout. I lost the smallest one after the transplant it was from a different bag. Thanks for joining me and high hopes for a successful grow this year. Pictures are in order from the earliest I have there's no more than day's between them and all of them in the tire are 2 days apart beginning with the day after the transplant. And we're off!!!! 20190529_160259.jpg 20190529_160251.jpg 20190531_143459.jpg 20190531_143454.jpg 20190531_143508.jpg 20190604_164448.jpg 20190604_164503.jpg 20190604_164557.jpg 20190605_171202.jpg 20190605_171238.jpg 20190605_171253.jpg 20190607_171609.jpg 20190607_171617.jpg 20190607_171721.jpg 20190609_122937.jpg 20190609_122937.jpg 20190609_122949.jpg 20190609_123039.jpg 20190609_123055.jpg

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  2. unless you plant them out seperate like:
    I can't see this ending well at all

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